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China’s Planned Long March Across Eurasia

Last week China hosted a number of nations to go over the communist nation’s “One Belt, One Road Initiative.” Basically, the Chinese are going to spend billions upgrading and improving the rail and port links between themselves and Europe and Africa. They want to use their excess foreign reserves and industrial capacity to solidify their access to much needed energy and raw materials (found in Africa and the Middle East) and markets (Europe).

The Conservative Treehouse believes the fundamental weakness of the Chinese communist state is driving this effort Here

The observations from the Wharton School of Business Here


4 Comments on China’s Planned Long March Across Eurasia

  1. Africa? I guess We’ll call that line the “Port-a-Poverty”

    Because sh*t’s going to get real.

  2. Command and control economies never succeed. China has a host of internal social problems to deal with.

    I’m with Conservative Treehouse on this one.

    While China has $3 trillion in cash, it has been drawing that down and will need all of it to deal with problems at home.

  3. It’s not just economic and political weakness in China. They have a population with at least 300 million people more than they can actually support, combined with a rapidly degrading ability to produce their own safe food and diminishing safe water sources.

    I hope somebody in the West has the presence of mind to pre-plant demolition charges in those bridges and tunnels.

    This sort of situation has, historically, always ended in war.

  4. It is amazing to watch a train go from China’s east to Britain. But count India out, for now.

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