Chris Christie agrees in principle with NJ Dems planned 23 cent gas tax hike

WyBlog: And, Chris Christie sells us out once again. Or folds like cheap suit. Take your pick.

NJ Democrats want to raise our state’s gas tax by a whopping 23 cents a gallon to pay for more transportation boondoggles like Camden’s light rail to nowhere and a new rail tunnel for people who work in Manhattan. Er, “to fix our crumbling roads and bridges,” at the low, low price of $27.3 million dollars per mile. Or, so I’m told.

In exchange, they’re going to “phase out” the Estate Tax. In theory, anyway.

And today Chris Christie signaled he’s OK with that plan, if the tax-and-spend party pinky-swears they’ll phase out the estate tax “faster.”

12 Comments on Chris Christie agrees in principle with NJ Dems planned 23 cent gas tax hike

  1. could have sworn the title of this post said “chris christie weighed in on gas spike..”

    purely subliminal

  2. MN gov wants to raise our gas tax, too. He needs to fund his toy choo choo lines. No one here wants them. No one here rides them. And we have a surplus due to over-taxing the citizens. Do they want to send it back to us? Ohhhh, no. That just won’t do.

    I have politics in this place. It’s all the lefties in two cities vs the rest of the state.

  3. Maybe while building a wall we should not stop with Mexico.
    The north eastern seaboard would be a good place to wall off from America also.

  4. Says the guy from California, lol. Whats your gas tax up to these days in the land of fruits and nuts?

  5. And this rolling tubbo claims to be a RepubliTard, and was running for Preezy. I’m SOOO glad he folded early.

    “Dear NJ,
    Please contain your DildCrat Governor within your state boundaries.
    Thank you,
    Citizens of the Republic of the U S of A.”


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