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Chuck Norris sniping

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  1. Lone Wolf McQuade…taking down cartel thugs at the border, a mouthful of teeth at a time. First Chuck Norris movie I saw. Kind of cheesy, but made me a fan, anyway. Still resonates!


  2. I’d bet everyone of us has done something like that in our lives. If you’re living you’re taking risks, just having fun or just slipping on the ice.
    Like the above statement I wish it was the people who need shooting.

  3. Enjoyed it!
    Even though if done from the AFV less PC side would be hilarious!

    Old joke, I know, bear with me on this,,,
    Chuck Norris was offered to sponsor a new line of toilet paper.
    Chuck declined.
    Because Chuck Norris takes No Sh*t off anyone,,,


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