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CIA in Hollywood

The CIA has been in bed with Hollywood for decades. Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert present America’s Untold Stories where we explore cultural figures and history that is often under-appreciated or overlooked. Operation Mockingbird, the Cold War CIA program to infiltrate the American media is supposedly long gone. But is it really?

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  1. The CIA has used Hollywood, the news media, and the entire democrat part to stoke a color revolution inside the US in order to guarantee absolute power over the entire US by the intelligence services in order to use as much of the government funding as possible for projects important only to the intelligence services and fuck everyone else in the country and the entire country itself. Those motherfuckers have ruined it all with their singular focus on their international power games between all the world’s most prize, demonic assholes.

  2. Their podcasts are awesome! From tons of info on the many, many players in the JFK assassination to the gum wars (yes, chewing gum), they’re eye opening and very entertaining.

    We are not in new territory with regards to the evil corruption of The Blob (aka, The Deep State); we are in new territory with regards to revealing the naked truth.

  3. The CIA isn’t “in bed” with ANYONE. The phrase denotes a partnership. The CIA doesn’t engage in partnerships. The CIA seeks to CONTROL others, not cooperate.
    As a result anything the CIA does with Hollywood is a result of blackmail, coercion, threats and occasionally murder. The same tool the CIA uses to control politicians, judges and other officials that don’t do what the CIA wants.


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