The Things That Cause Debates Online — I Think This is Clear as Day and Not Even Controversial – IOTW Report

The Things That Cause Debates Online — I Think This is Clear as Day and Not Even Controversial

Be warned, I get very militant when people do not know the rules of baseball. lol

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  1. In today’s world the primary determining factor is the political persuasion of the batter and fielder. Conservative – always at fault or in error. Libtard – always correct.

  2. Easy call. The ball hit the wall so it’s in play. NOT an out. However, since the ball is white it needs to be marginalized and diminished so an OUT call is justified in order to promote equity.

  3. well, my finger on the pause button isn’t the best source in the world for stop-action slo-mo, & I can’t tell if the ball caroomed off the back of the fielders glove or if it touched the wall
    sooooo …… unless I see another, slower angle ….


  4. Hit the glove first then bounced out, so its the equivalent of a dropped ball. Even if he got it before it the ground due to the help of the wall (see the Fenway comment above).

  5. To me with my cheap phone it looks like he gloves it, it drops out on his shoulder, then as it bounces out it hits his glove ON the fence when he reaches out to brace, so it comes back off his glove.

    But I don’t have slow motion, lots of pixels, or a different angle so maybe not…

  6. I frankly don’t know the answer. But I am intrigued by the arbitrary logic behind rules involving “the wall” in the sport. Hehe. 🙂 (Kill me now.)

  7. You might know the rules of baseball, but we knew the rules of streetball as kids. That’s an out, doesn’t matter what the hell it touched. Bring your stupid pansy baseball rules on our streets you’ll be leaving with a bloody nose. lol.

    LOL. Understood… Out of the tree is an out, too. -bfh

  8. Ummm, upon further investigation of the rules, I spoke too soon. Where’s the edit feature when you need it? I sheepishly, with tail between my legs, retract my previous comment.

  9. first. the player did not catch the ball. he never controlled it.
    second. the ball hit the wall twice before the player finally controlled the ball.

    playable ball.

  10. I sucked at any sport that required me to hit something with a stick-like extension of my arm. So I never followed any of these sports too closely

    All I know is that my city’s franchise, in only its fourth season, ended the greatest dynasty of the past fifty years .. by some damb team from the Eastern Seaboard. And then spent the next 20 years sucking and boring everybody to death. How strange is that?

  11. I coached little league for a number of years and had a hard enough time keeping the kids on the bench and in correct batting order. I never had time to worry about things like this.

  12. My daughter insisted in playing baseball with the boys instead of softball with the girls.
    While walking to the field for one game two boys made fun of my daughter for being on a boys team. It happened they were on the opposing team that day.
    My daughter played first base. One of those two boys had hit a single and was on first. The other boy was at bat. He hit a pop fly to my daughter and she caught it and then tagged first base to get the first boy out too.
    The look on my daughter’s face was priceless. She smiled as she looked at both boys as they walked off the field with a snarky expression – “eat shit a-holes!”. Karma at it’s best!


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