NYC high school soccer game canceled after group of about 30 illegal migrants refuse to leave the field  – IOTW Report

NYC high school soccer game canceled after group of about 30 illegal migrants refuse to leave the field 

NYP: A high school soccer game at a public field in East Harlem was canceled after a group of migrants refused to leave the pitch so the kids could play.

“I directly asked them to leave and some of them kind of took it into consideration, but then four or five of them said, ‘You know what, f–k it, we don’t have to leave, we can do whatever we want,’” said Erik Johansson, the coach of the Manhattan Kickers 17-year-old boys travel team.

About 40 boys from both teams showed up on Sunday, April 14 at Thomas Jefferson Park for the 5 p.m. match. more

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  1. Unfortunately, I think this will be happening much more. They didn’t figure on retaliation with these individuals. Someone is going to get hurt.

    >>”“Even when the game is over, you don’t know if they’re waiting for you, so even if the cops kicked them out, it may not be over. So we just all agreed, this is too dangerous,”<<

  2. They illegals won’t leave?
    I’d say, use them for target practice.
    But…’s New Yawk.
    “Son, you’re on your own” (Blazing Saddles)

  3. Must be nice for every other country on Earth. Empty all your prisons. Round up all your perennial losers and assholes and ship them all to the US, where they will be trained to be the most worthless and entitled motherfuckers in human history all in exchange for an illegal vote for the piece of shit democrat party, and the republican party will help too.

  4. Nolan Parker
    MONDAY, 22 APRIL 2024, 12:38 AT 12:38 PM
    “Ahh,soccer,,not Football. If it had been a buncha guys going there to play American Football they would have played the game After they cleared the field.”

    …if it had been American football, those pansy ass foreigners wouldn’t have the nutz to be on the field in the FIRST place, plus the team and the spectators would be largely Black so no media coverage or legal consequences in a protected class vs. protected class tiff, even if someone got killed….

  5. “In his home country of Sweden — which saw a massive influx of migrants in recent years — the clashes on the pitch were all too common.

    “I have seen this before, I know how bad it can get,” he said”

    So now we’re just like Sweden. Way to go Libtards.

  6. Brad
    MONDAY, 22 APRIL 2024, 14:41 AT 2:41 PM

    …whelp, they in that video you linked managed it. Something I as a young man would have even then seen as a sign of the Apocalypse.

    Something I didn’t think was possible even at my late age and too-long experience.

    They made young woman tits unappealing.

    …back in the day, the only source of illicit boobie vusuals for a young boy just starting to actually notice the assets of the other half of the species, was the National Geographic (at least until he got tall enough to find Dad’s Playboy stash). That was it, no Interwebs then and I was in the ‘burbs so no foreign-looking fellow selling spicy postcards out of a trenchant either.

    National Geographic.

    This -sort- of reminds me of that, BUT I was almost too happy to devour a glimpse of Tassaday Tit, to visually learn that some African women went around topless to advertise their unmarried status, to enjoy a side of boob no matter the hue or heft because IT WAS A BOOB.

    Not here.

    Not in your video.

    A bigger bunch of screaming harridans outside of a Kathleen Kennedy pitch meeting I cannot imagine. There’s nothing here to inspire ant thoughts in a man’s fancy unless he fancies running away real fast; and the idea that any of these screaming jungle fetishes would do anything but shrivel a man so quickly that a Middle Ages witch trying to cast a glamor would regard with envy, and the thought of attempting even the most basic of intimacy with any member of this hollering gob of borderline humanity is ludicrous on its face.

    To turn the celebrated titty into something tacky is no mean feat.

    But HERE, in your unfortunate link, they found a way.

    …not going to make it?

    If THIS is how young women conduct themselves in public in tHe CuRrEnT yEaR, then God help humanity because the only reproduction will be either unwilling or in test tube.

    And I’m not sure the kidz even know how to work test tubes.


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