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Does Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Ukraine) Run a Laundromat?

Money From Ted Lieu’s Campaign Was Sent to Wife’s School Board Campaign Then to Lieu Personally.


He’s still at it. 

Since 2019, RedState has broken numerous stories about Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu’s potentially illegal habit of spending campaign funds on expenses that personally benefit him and his family, such as $10,000 to the Torrance Education Foundation, which sponsors his sons’ robotics team, $15,000 to his wife’s school board campaign, and a $50,000 contribution to the university at which his eldest son matriculated a couple of years later (Stanford).

Those stories garnered national attention, but he doesn’t care. He kept right on sending money from his donors to these causes, without his donors’ knowledge or consent. A review of FEC records shows that Ted Lieu for Congress has now donated $25,000 to Betty Lieu’s school board campaign and $17,000 to the Torrance Education Foundation. more here

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  1. If you are one of the folks who post something in regard to him being a Democrat it is YOU and your ilk who are the real problem. The Republican establishment is every bit as dirty as the dirtiest of Democrats. This is a game both the Democrats and establishment Republicans play. By getting you to focus on a set up boogeyman over there, they themselves are robbing the entire country blind.

  2. @ TheMule MONDAY, 22 APRIL 2024, 12:11 AT 12:11 PM

    You think they apply to the likes of Romney, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the fucking establishment Republicans who are playing their scripted part in the progressive shitshow that is robbing the country blind? Better wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late. This is a bipartisan effort if ever there was one. They just voted to collect another how many more billions into their personal coffers by way of Ukraine. How much more clear does it have to be what is going on in broad daylight.

    They have each other’s back and are waging war on Americans. The opposition you see is as fake and scripted as Portland Wrestling. If you don’t see it it because you think there is something for you in not seeing it. Willful ignorance is not all that hard to spot either.

  3. DC is corruption personified. Both sides of the isle. Nothing will change until the American people demand it, and do something about it. Remember Tea Party candidates? I knew two who went to Washington and turned into vampires. Individuals can do nothing. The states collectively will have to become involved, refuse arbitrary laws / edicts and protect their citizens. Unfortunately, many state legislatures are filled with the same corrupt people. And, states are also sucking on the federal teat. The future looks bleak.

  4. JD – democRATz vote in lock-step with each other and THE agenda no matter what 99.9% of the time.

    We’re not crazy about RINOs, but we do accept independent thinking.
    Therein lies the difference.


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