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Houston, Texas Police Union Sounds Alarm on Cop Shortage


Houston police union leaders have warned the city’s safety is jeopardized by criminal suspects who’ve been freed on bond amid an ongoing shortage of police officers.

In an interview, Houston Police Officers’ Union Executive Director Ray Hunt told Fox News “I have never in my lifetime – and I’m a lifelong Houstonian –  seen this many suspected murderers and capital murderers who are walking the streets of Houston out on multiple bonds.”

“I would not let my wife or my kids walk down the streets of Houston at midnight under any circumstances,” he said. “It is not safe in major cities in 2024, and it’s not safe here.” more

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  1. It’s sad, but our politicians are using tactics similar to those employed by Nazi Germany in it’s early stages: Empty out the prisons onto a vulnerable population then offer to make the “safe” by imposing a Police State. Once the citizens have surrendered their Rights for the promise of “safety”, the politicians clean up.

  2. Defund The Police had an ulterior motive. Pull the teeth out of our society and rob the cities blind… as in where did all the money go that used to pay the police???
    Did your taxes go down?
    Socialism is just a cover for outright THEFT!

  3. Compare this to the fact that there’s a waiting list of applicants to the Polk County FL sheriff’s department. They do it correctly up there (they’re about one hour north of me). Sheriff Grady Judd and local prosecutors don’t fsck around; fair, but no nonsense at all. If you’re caught shoplifting, you WILL leave the store in cuffs and you WILL spend time in jail.

    Sheriff Judd is famous for a press conference he gave some years ago after a man who shot and killed a deputy and the deputy’s K-9 partner. He was asked why it was that when the cops caught up with the bad guy they ended up shooting him 68 times. “That’s all the bullets we had,” was the reply. (For the record, the shootout involved three separate LEO organizations and among them they had about 100 unfired rounds. There was an intense investigation, needless to say.)

    Polk County sits between Tampa and Orlando, and its growth has been very rapid with overflow from both cities. But because they don’t coddle criminals, they have a very, very low crime rate.

    Hey Houston! GFY! Your problems are of your own making.

  4. i see that the diversity that came to houston from new orleans because of hurricane katrina is having the desired effect. Maybe, just maybe, its time to send the Katrina refugees back.

    Now, just as the politicians are looking the other way while crimes are being committed against the citizens, maybe…..just maybe…..we, the citizens can ask the police to look the other way when domestic and illegal criminals are found dead in the middle of the street.
    “Gee, we’d LOVE to investigate, but we don’t have the manpower or resources to find out who killed who. All we can do is have the meatwagon pick up the body for IDing. If it’s an illegal, we’ll properly dispose of it so as to not impact the health of the citizens. If it’s a domestic, we’ll do our best to notify any next of kin for them to properly bury the deceased.”


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