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Cinci Councilwoman – Not Enough Attention Paid To Black Church Fires Compared To Notre Dame


Cincinnati Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard on Twitter said she’s sad the Notre Dame Cathedral has been damaged by fire, but the reaction has been a “prime example of privilege.”

She pointed to the recent string of arsons at predominantly black churches in Louisiana as an example.

“I’m sure they held significance as well,” she wrote in the Tuesday morning Tweet. “They were barely acknowledged.”

The burning of Notre Dame dominated cable news channels Monday. Social media feeds all over the world and in Cincinnati were filled with posts by people who had visited the cathedral. And the City of Cincinnati, as requested by Councilman Chris  Seelbach, lit up the city’s convention sign in red, blue and white, a nod to France’s flag.

The Louisiana church burnings too have garnered national attention, with front page coverage in the New York Times and other national media outlets. But they didn’t get the continuous live coverage or social media attention given to the Notre Dame fire.


Notre Dame is not a white cathedral, it’s a nearly 1000 year-old cathedral that soars into the sky for all of mankind.

The fact that you’re calling a church in 2019 a “black” church is surprisingly exclusionary. It seems many leftwing blacks are falling into the leftwing white man’s trap of pitting whites versus blacks. I think that’s why many don’t care as much about your “black” church.

One gets the feeling that militant blacks would have a problem with white firefighters spraying their hoses of oppression upon the black church.

It’s tiresome when every word and action and daily function is examined in order to mine some nugget of black oppression in the name of “gain.”

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  1. …greetings from the sanctuary city, the People’s Republic of Cinncinnati, where everything is racist…

    This is actually pretty common here. Most of city council and former Obama Mini-Me Black Mayor Mallory let race color their every…

    Ooops, can’t say “color”…OK, they have a dark view…

    …uh, oh, “Dark” is bad…uhh, they tend to see things in black and Wh…

    hmm, this IS a problem to even duscuss…

  2. There are many fine and truly Christian churches that have predominantly Black congregations.

    But they aren’t the ones that get the media’s attention, it is the ones that are political churches far more than Christian ones that do.

    A Christian is a Christian regardless of race, at least a real one, but politicians using Christianity of their own purpose are frequently racial in nature, be aware of the difference.

    Beware of politics masquerading as religion.

  3. …we also have a gay councilman, who wants you to KNOW hes gay, and turns every discussion that way. I’m waiting for HIM to make this about HOMOS in 3…2…1…

  4. Maybe it is because Notre Dame has been around for a while? When Victor Hugo publishes a book titled “The Hunchback of The Lion of Judah Missionary Baptist Church” let me know .

  5. …also, I attend a mixed-race Church in a “Historically” Black neighborhood, and we are literally SURROUNDED by churches with ALL Black congregations. No one ever attacked any of THOSE churches, but those churches DID preach sermons for Obama, organize bus trips for Obama, have people work in the church basements to fill out absentee ballots for Obama, etc., etc., etc., and with NO noticeable tax consequences.

  6. …but this woman is trying to conflate things that don’t go together. Notre Dame is much more architecturally and historically significant quite OUTSIDE of what religion was practiced within, which is more than “Reverend Bumpheads AME Church of What’s Happening Now” will EVER be. And there HAS been PLENTY of press on these…believe me, if a White pigeon craps on a Black church, they’ll make SURE we hear about it…but a crackerbox in Louisiana that was established in 1989 just doesn’t have the international cachet to inspire global headlines, and this silly person doesn’t seem to know the difference…

  7. …and if we want to talk about burning down Black churches, why oh why don’t we talk about churches full of Black Christians being burned down by Muslims with their congregations INSIDE?

    Interesting that the “Black Church” people don’t seem to mind THOSE Black churches burning AT ALL…

  8. Alas, alack this country spends far to much time fretting about its self identified African population! Time to relegate the conversation back to Americanism which incorporates all citizens, not just the stupid and ignorant ones!

  9. …and I know a little something about the whole “Black Church Burning” trope. Some of you may remember me recounting an incident from when I was serving on a muni fire department of an outer ring suburb that I was at a minor electrical fire at an AME church when an order from the Chief to wait for the building to be de-energized turned into a MAJOR “The Fire Department Wants Black Churches To Burn” incident that was a GREAT surprise to our Black firefighters and had absolutely NO basis in reality.

    I won’t repeat the whole timeline here, but the point is that NO one has, or IS, letting “Black churches burning” be reduced to “Some people did something”. Ain’t happening. EVERY ONE gets the press microscope treatment, even when their OWN members are doing the burning.

    The point is that race is irrelevant.

    If this woman had an ounce of Christianity about her, she would sympathize and join with other Christians in commiseration of ANY church burning, great or small, and NOT use it as a springboard for completely irrelevant racial politics. If she can’t see past her skin color, no church, Black or otherwise, is going to get her into Heaven.

    God don’t DO affirmative action. And he isn’t going to divide by race in Heaven, so she ain’t getting past the Gate with THAT attitude.

    …Give it a rest, lady. It’s a worldwide tragedy simply because it’s a icon of Western civilization. No one is disrespecting Black people by being distressed about the loss of an 800 year old architectural marvel.

    So maybe you shouldn’t disrespect THEM.

  10. When your church building (I KNOW y’all can’t afford a grand cathedral that took over 100 years to build) gets to be over 800 years old, get back to us, we’ll pay more attention to it then when it burns down.

  11. It would be like saying “the President is afforded this vast, Secret Service and security detail and nothing like that is provided to me as a councilwoman. This is a prime example of privilege.”

  12. Knowing the hatred they preach in most of them most of the time, it offends me that they are referred to as black “churches”.

    Q: Whatever happened to that black revrump who was supposedly obama’s mentor??
    If his chickens were to roost, he’d be eating bats and monkey brains in Batswana, exiled from the USA.

  13. The one thing we cannot do is to let black racists using the Marxist playbook cause us to become racists ourselves. I won’t become a pawn in the commie Leftists’ “group” game.

    Last night I listened to David Horowitz’s presentation of his latest book, “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America”

    Here’s the link to his presentation at the Freedom Center’s 2019 Weekend held a few weeks ago:

  14. Thanks, Supernightshade. I suppose he felt he could get away with that title because he *is* black. It is provocative and maybe that’s a good thing in an ocean of books.

  15. During the construction of the greatest symbol of western humanity her ilk were living in huts, blow darting, and eating each other.

    Oh, I forgot….and practicing astrology….

  16. Some of those church, uh, excuse me, BLACK church burnings were done by blacks themselves.Some of them, the perps were never identified. Yes, it sucks. Should not have happened no matter who did it. They did get plenty of press. But to compare those churches’ attention to the Notre Dame fire is completely retarded. It’s not a WHITE church, it’s not a ____ church, it’s a CHURCH. Period.
    It’s art, it has an incredibly long history, it draws tourists like no other church, it’s been seen in or mentioned in dozens of films and books. So pardon the entire world for paying attention to a gorgeous structure and every priceless thing in it, on Easter week, to boot!

    Tamaya Dennard wants to talk about privilege? Ok let’s talk about how she’s black and retarded, and even though she’s a miserable slow-witted bitch, she’s on the council. Privilege!

  17. Her comments have nothing to do with churches, per se. It’s a foil for Leftist groupthink. She is merely using the example — which happens to be about churches — into another commie opportunity (exploitation) to press on in their commie agenda.

  18. @ MJA April 17, 2019 at 12:03 pm,

    well said,
    and if I may add, that cathedral was a SIGNIFICANT accomplishment of architecture and required engineering. Particularly, back when it was accomplished.

    But that probably also speaks to the jealous stupidity of that speaker.

  19. grayjohn
    APRIL 17, 2019 AT 1:03 PM
    “@ Jerry Manderin, I think it would have to be The Hunch Black of Notre Dame.”

    …and he could ring the bells by hitting them with his schwantz…

  20. TV News’s dumbest person, Don Lemon, said the same thing. Total idiot. He doesnt realize – or refuses to state – that Notre Dame is a FRENCH church and the firebombed churches here in Louisiana are USA churches. Oranges. Apples.

    Also, the reason the firebombed churches here arent getting a lot of play in the news is that the perp doesnt fit their narrative. Because he’s white they call him raciss but the fact is that the perp is an anti-Christian satan worshipper who sympathizes with black people and wanted the firebombings to wake up black folks to go back to their pre-Christian pagan ways.

  21. What she fails to realize is that these crimes are not showing up in
    the mainstream media because it doesn’t fit their narrative. One that
    I did see was supposedly done by Muslims which if true the liberal
    press wouldn’t post it on a bet.

  22. Of course not. Because a beautiful centuries old landmark of western civilization is not more important than churches of no particular historic significance other than being attended by black people in the least racist nation on the planet. How did AOC phrase it? You can step right off with that shit.


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