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“Look at how ridiculous the statement was of a candidate running for governor in Maine when he said there are too many white people there. If true, he just repudiated the vast majority of voters there and he blatantly narrowed his appeal and acceptability. This is what goes on in the Democratic Party all the time. They do not realize how weird they have become because the only ones they talk to are themselves.” – Newt Gingrich


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  1. 15 years ago I thought he’d be President one day.
    I guess timing is everything. Probably being divorced a time or two didn’t help.

  2. What do Democrats stand for? Not enforcing immigration laws? Catering to the sexually confused? Not punishing groups engaged in violence? Restricting Constitutional rights? Blatantly lying to the American public? Disparaging religious beliefs?

    I think Gingrich is right – Democrats are tone deaf when it comes to the actual values of most people. I think Gingrich is unfortunately correct when he observes that Republicans are also more comfortable with being the minority party than trying to actually govern.

  3. Look at the Capitulation Twins, who never saw an Obama initiative or Executive order they didn’t support and fund.

    Ryan and McCONnel are not leaders, they are obstructionists, they refuse to represent the American voters.

  4. Gingrich’s problem was he was too intellectual … he articulated the argument & spelled out the causation & solution … but he didn’t have the salesmanship of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
    ‘the people’ are sheep … as in Rome, they are ‘the mob’ … but they weld power
    it is best to get, & keep them on one’s side … something the repugnicans avoid like a vampire to daylight

  5. Newtie is definitely a bright man. But he has cryptic voices whispering bad advice in his ears. Or, he serves another master.

    After all we’ve seen in his entire career and considering his leadership in the 90’s, it’s best to say “even a broken clock is correct twice a day.”

  6. my problem with Newt is that he is 100% on board with the Astro-turfed corrupt billions-funded professional Environmental Industry’s global warming scam.


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