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Civil rights group outraged after Canadian province looks to introduce ‘unexplained wealth’ seizure law

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (LifeSiteNews) — A civil liberty group is sounding the alarm after British Columbia’s New Democratic Party (NDP) Premier David Eby announced a forthcoming new law that would permit the government to take away one’s property or goods prior to being charged with a crime.  

The soon-to-be introduced “unexplained wealth order” (UWO) was announced by Eby on Sunday as part of a broader “public safety plan.” The government says the law is intended to target gangs and criminals who “profit on misery,” but experts warn that such a law would be a severe “infringement” on one’s constitutional rights as defined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

“The BCCLA (British Columbia Civil Liberties Association) believes that UWOs are an unnecessary expansion of government power,” the organization said in a statement, adding that such measures are “an unacceptable infringement of Canadians’ rights to the presumption of innocence, due process and privacy.”

While the full details of the UWO won’t be released until next year when it is formally presented to the province’s legislature, the NDP government has already attempted to justify the proposal by saying that the law would help deal with “young people [who] are attracted to gang life by images of fast cars, fancy homes and luxury goods.” more

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  1. “young people [who] are attracted to gang life by images of fast cars, fancy homes and luxury goods.”

    …you know, like politicians get as soon as they join the “club” and become multi-millionares on their $180k/yr salaries.

    …too bad there’s no “unexplained wealth” law that would ever apply to the Bidens and Pelosis of the world…

  2. The current Canadian government pigs must be
    slaughtered an hoc and w/o explanation
    for it is without any recompences that any
    free people should be subjugated to slavery.

    Therefor those who would do it should be


  3. Just like the civil forfeiture laws here in the US, they can seize your money and property with absolutely no evidence at all. Legalized theft, and if you want your stuff back be prepared to spend even more money on lawyers.

  4. “This isn’t unexplained wealth. The explanation is simple. All this was given to me by the space aliens who kidnapped me and probed my butt last February.”

  5. If Canadians don’t start killing the commie bastard politicians pushing this, they deserve to be crushed by the jackboot of tyranny.

  6. There is an active attempt at this moment to ban ALL SEMI_AUTOMATIC LONG GUNS.
    ie, Ruger 10/22, sewmi-auto 5 shell 12ga., Browning BAR 4 round 308.

    Common wood stock hunting pieces.


  7. Kcir

    I’m about 220% serious when I tell you to grab your family and head south. Now.
    And the get prepared to defend south. I know you”ll get it.

  8. Don’t worry,
    Its coming to a state near you.

    I have warned that Canada is where the WEF experiments on “America Lite” to see how a population behaves.

    It was not that long ago that California was talking about a “Leaving California Tax”

  9. Kcir

    That’s a far cry from seizing assets. You read my opinion. I”m still strapped are you? You’re waiting to long and I get it.
    Just sayen, you decide to take action there’s peeps here that will help you if we can.

  10. So let me get this straight.
    The Canadian govt is telling people they know who the criminals are but instead of arresting them they’re going to take their money?
    “Unexplained money”? You buy a new washer and dryer. Does the govt audit where you spend and they figure out you obtained ” unexplained ” money?
    This is messed up on its own but in the hands of govt will be used to bankrupt everyone.
    Especially political critics.
    Daddy Castro would be proud.

  11. Canuks are SUBJECTS – not free men.

    As subjects: their lives and their “possessions” belong to the State.

    Ironically, this is why Americans (the United States of America) rejected subjection in 1776 – even though we are now acquiescing to tyranny.

    The Canuk government now has the people’s consent (Silence is Consent) to kill without due process (their “euthanasia” program based on Germany’s Aktion T4) and to seize whatever interests them, also without due process.

    The arguments of Tyranny are always the same: I want it and it’s for your own good.

    America needs to wake the fuck up – we are the last bastion of Liberty on Earth – when we fall the entire Earth will be covered in darkness, despair, despondency, hatred, famine, pestilence, and death – sort of a Global North Korea or Sudan.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Brad,

    Even Canuckistan’s provinces have not suggested Taxing people who Do Not live/earn an income, have a business in a province they leave years later.

    There has always been a mechanism in Tax acts to collect for unexplained income or wealth. The IRS Calls it a “Lifestyle Audit” in the USA.

    I would love to move down there but Too much Family, Real Estate, Businesses up here. My Son is studying Economics & Business at the same University Elon went to and I expect that he WILL go to the USA.

    Cheers, Today is warm & I’m going to ride one more time. the bruise from the last tree is Browning Nicely.

  13. Tim – FJB

    You are the last Bastion of Hope.
    Been saying that for decades.
    If you guys go Dark, That’s going to be it for Hundreds of years.
    1a, 2a & 4a

    Canada is relatively free only because the USA is Directly Connected to us. Otherwise – Australia & New Zealand type gov’t overreach.

  14. …in fairness, the US has done something like that for a long time; they just call it “Tax Evasion”.

    That’s how they got Capone, for example. Not having a Ukrainian money laundry of his own, the feds simply imprisoned him for having never paid taxes on all the property and lavish things he owned.

    Basically saying it represented “Unexplained Income”.

    The devil is not creative, he just runs the same tricks over and over, which works because no new generation ever learns from the mistakes of its parents.

    Sometimes he simply renames the trick and moves on.


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