Claremont Methodists Put Nativity In Cages


The Claremont United Methodist Church has erected a Nativity scene portraying the Holy Family separated and held in cages at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Rev. Karen Clark Ristine, senior minister at the church, posted a photo of the Nativity scene on Facebook, saying the depiction had stirred her “to tears.” More

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  1. Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem in order to fulfill the law requirement when paying their taxes.

    Most of us know they weren’t engaged in illegal activity.

    This “church” should be ashamed.


  3. A woman preacher? Thats the first sign this place doesnt know or read the bible. There is a Method to their madness and its called devil influence.🐒🐷🐴.

  4. Did y’all know that God gave women permission to nag men?

    Yep, right there in the Bible it says, “…and Mary rode Joseph’s ass all the way to Bethlehem.”

    Look it up!

  5. it seems the only time leftist can recognize or address the holy family of Christ is when they can do so while knocking his flock of believers

  6. Thank the Lord for the internet. As soon as this came on the Sacramento news, I knew it would be liberal hogwash and immediately turned to Mr Ed.

  7. Those Methodists are pretty shrewd! They get to show phony compassionate tears for the downtrodden while also reaping the red hot rewards of copious mammon from the American taxpayer!

  8. What’s even worse is that the scene continues as you walk further on. Members of Joseph’s family are given dry, warm places to sleep, three meals a day, access to bathroom facilities, and medical attention. There is even security so Herod’s evil goons can’t get to them. Oh, the horror.

    But then things descend into hell. Liberals show up and literally do nothing but get in the way of folks trying to provide meals and medical attention to refugees while taking selfies to post on Facebook to out-virtue signal their friends. Eventually, Joseph and his family are let out and head to Los Angeles (after avoiding Herod’s cartels) where they live in a tent city next to the freeway while dumpster diving for meals because Joseph – who speaks three languages but none of which are understood in California – cannot find work. Maxine Waters shows up for some photo-ops, and promises more EBT cards and housing “somewhere” if only Joseph, Mary, and 1,000 of their imaginary friends vote for her.

    Jesus grows up having learned nothing except condom etiquette from the LA school district, and forms the South Compton Christian Disciples street gang. He amuses himself by creating climate disasters in order to annoy Greta Thunberg and Al Gore, drinking wine He made from tap water all day, and writing the occasional screen play which is always rejected as not politically correct enough. Jesus finally moves to Montana while exclaiming that contrary to popular opinion, He isn’t coming back again because He doesn’t want to spend eternity with the narcissistic liberal asshats.

  9. Imma be real simple wit dis:

    If it involves the Reverend Ma’am, the Deacon Ma’am, the Anything But In The Pews Ma’am… don’t waste ma time wit duh stupid.

  10. When I saw this photo, I thought they were were resorting to cyclone fencing to protect the statues from being stolen.

  11. Will they show Obama as one of the three Wise Men holding the key to the cages since the cages and family separation were instituted under his watch? Bet not as this Rev. Ristine’s outrage and sorrow is very likely selective. I hope her congregation is suitably embarrassed by this Reverend.

  12. Reprobates always think they’re better at being Christian than actual Christians. Proof SJW fools like the “Reverend” are truly deceived and purposely evil.

  13. ‘Linus and Lucifer’ is a new tune added to the remake of A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS.

    Times are changing.

  14. JUST when I think ELCA has hit rock BOTTOM, the Methodists come along & say – “Hold my communion cup of grape juice, and watch THIS!!!” 🙄


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