Climate Activists Trash Steyer’s Surprise White House Bid


Some climate change activists are trashing left-wing megadonor Tom Steyer’s surprising decision to run for president, with one calling it proof that “he’s all out for him” rather than the cause.

HuffPost quoted climate researchers and activists who were unimpressed with Steyer, a billionaire who has poured his fortune into boosting causes like climate change, as well as supporting Democratic candidates and leading an impeachment effort against President Donald Trump.

“I really don’t get it, man,” said a “top climate policy researcher in California” who stayed anonymous because  he said Steyer “has a lot of money” that he uses to support climate work.

Another activist said, “I wish he weren’t doing it.” He too stayed anonymous, for fear of running afoul of Steyer and his deep pockets.

“There was always that question in the back of everybody’s minds of whether he’s driven by ego and whether he’s all out for him, or whether he’s trying to build a movement,” he said. “This answers the question clearly.”

Steyer said in January he wasn’t running for president before changing his mind, telling CBS he felt the 2020 candidates weren’t speaking enough to the issue of breaking the stranglehold of corporations on politics.

“It’s hard to make the case for a billionaire running for president in this day and age,” said Julian Brave NoiseCat, the Green New Deal strategist at the left-leaning think tank Data for Progress. “Especially this late in the game, and especially when we were all under the impression he was not running.”

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5 Comments on Climate Activists Trash Steyer’s Surprise White House Bid

  1. The idiocy and suicide by the left is staggering.

    Whatever – we just can let them take us off the cliff with them. We have to be angrier than they are in order for us to survive.

  2. Just imagine if these Progressive Fascists were in complete control of our country, and there was no Second Amendment to protect us from their progressive idealism. It would descend into something like Castro’s Cuba faster than you could believe. Tom Steyer is nothing more than a monied useful idiot to the Leftist who will destroy this country in order to reform it.

  3. Tommie,
    a couple billion $ more & you can probably win……..go for it!
    It’s not like it’s your money……..


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