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  2. My old man, a life-long, staunch Republican (who never voted democRAT until the 90s), used to call the TV “that damn Idiot Box”. Well little did he know that the internet wuz creeping around the corner with a whole new batch of disgusting! What he thought were “idiots” 50 – 60 years ago ain’t got nuthin on the insane clowns and straight up total psychos on this electronic Ghetto Freak Show of today! Of course thirty years ago, who ever thought it would be legal to camp, crap and urinate on the city streets!! Come to think of it, had he lived just a few more years, he could have even watched a U.S. President introduce the term “blow job” into the family kitchen on the front page of the morning paper, get impeached AND disbarred! Now I understand the internet can be a valuable tool and unlimited information resource for the good, so it’s really all about what someone seeks out. What’s changed is the “normalization” of crazy in our society. What is “acceptable” has plunged to all new depths and now, in some circles, if you don’t embrace it, you’re the oddball… or nail that needs to be hammered down. Quite frankly I think some of these companies who feel the need to endorse this Freak show are committing suicide. The pendulum has swung wider then ever before, but like Perry said: the limit is approaching! Fast!

  3. I’m not so bothered by GamerGirl’s bath water; I see it as today’s PET ROCK. Good that people are crazy and wealthy enough to get a kick out of such harmless stupidity!

    The ice cream licking and other cr*p, otoh, is a whole other matter.

  4. Thanks for posting the Rick Astley link GENERAL Svejk. I had forgotten Obama was the bar tender in that video.

  5. Not wasting a click on that dingbat. She’ll be dead within the first two minutes of the flag going up. 🙄

  6. I commend anyone who can earn a buck honestly, even through ingenuity and guile. Separating idiots from their scratch may not be noble work, but it is capitalism in its purest form, and it keeps them off the welfare rolls. Rock on, Belle.

  7. The “humsters” are taking over…
    Look it up – A humster is a hybrid cell line made from hamster oocyte fertilized with human sperm. Now we know where theses idiots made the Left turn!

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