Climate Alarmists Get Another Ship Stuck In The Ice

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The arctic tour ship MS Malmo had to be rescued this week after getting stuck in the ice off of Longyearbyen, Svalbard Archipelago, halfway between Norway and North Pole. More

They should be made to get out and push. – Dr. Tar

19 Comments on Climate Alarmists Get Another Ship Stuck In The Ice

  1. This kind of thing happens all the time. Whether in the Arctic or the Antarctic, these “Ships of fools” get routinely stuck in ice.
    Damn the bad luck.
    Full steam ahead!
    We have an agenda to promote!

  2. While they are all waiting to be rescued they could have a group reading of Ernest Shackleton’s voyage on “The Endurance”.

  3. So? Leave ’em there. If the earth is warming as fast as they say, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

  4. Science deniers get no help.

    If a flat earther is retarded, what do you say about the hot earthers who keep getting trapped in ice?

    Put on your swimming trunks. The water’s fine.

  5. ” MS Malmo had to be rescued this week”.
    Can’t we change the phrase “had to be” into “requested to be”?
    Leaving open to option to say, Nah, we aint coming.

    Let’em go old school like the explorers of old time used to be, who were often stuck in the ice for 2 or 3 years. Sometime they made it out alive, other time, well, not so much.

  6. Got stuck in the Ice? I reckon things just weren’t gloe-ing their way….

    Cliche’ Guevera wins the Internets. HOT EARTHERS. Ridicule these Hot Earther scam artists!

  7. Air drop ’em a trophy for sticking the landing with a note that sez:
    “See ya next July assholes!”
    “P.S. Don’t fergit to pay the bill for rescuing yer dumb asses along with a nice premium for Carbon Credits”

  8. I meant to type “floe-ing” not gloeing. Goddam POS cell phone otter-spell!

    I just realized something: those dumbass Hot Earthers probably didn’t realize they could put the ship into REVERSE and GTFO of there. Dumabasses!


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