Clinton Campaign EQUATES pro-life Christians WITH ISIS and the TALIBAN – IOTW Report

Clinton Campaign EQUATES pro-life Christians WITH ISIS and the TALIBAN

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TheRightScoop– Well this is a new one. The Clinton campaign has just gone totally insane and had drawn the line between their rabid mouth-foaming feminist beasts and all Christians:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta went on the offensive on Friday against Republicans who have seized on a remark Clinton made in April about the need for some religious beliefs to change in the context of women’s rights.

“Hillary Clinton has spoken out for decades against extremists who pervert the world’s great religions to justify brutality against women and girls. That is what Republicans are attacking her for,” Podesta said in a statement provided to BuzzFeed News.

“ISIS claims their religious faith justifies forcing Yazidi women in Iraq into sexual slavery. Does Gov. Bush think we should respect that practice?” Podesta said. “The Taliban torture women in Afghanistan in the name of their twisted version of Islam. Does Gov. Jindal think that is acceptable? What about forced marriages or throwing acid in women’s faces?”

Notice how he didn’t include Boko Haram? That’s because Hillary resisted called them a terrorist group the whole time she was in the State Department. And while she was there the Clinton Foundation received donations of millions of dollars from a Nigerian man with shady connections. But that’s just a coincidence.  MORE

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  1. Once again we see that statements from the cabal of the Screeching Basilisk and part-time Gargoyle fashion model are never rooted in the truth or facts. They’ll say anything so long it’s inflamatory!

  2. Old Lady Parts Clinton aka Satans spawn is on a roll! Speaking of brutality as I recall she was pretty brutal toward Billy Bob for giving a cigar to Monica. Beaned him on his bean and made him bleed! Imagine a pervert like her calling others perverts for perverting religion and she just perverted the whole of Christianity!

  3. She’s getting to the age where she could be called home at any moment and she still has her middle finger up to the Lord? She’d be wise to give up on power focus on humility and salvation.

  4. Quick glance at that picture and I thought Hilly was going to hug LBJ!

    Dang, someone stole me again!

  5. Yeah, that brain tumor that she inherited from Ted Kennedy ought to be taking effect any day now.

  6. How can I as a pro lifer be compared to the Taliban/Isis when it’s her party the democraps who are responsible and willing accomplices for partial birth abortion for any reason whatsoever. There is no comparison except that both are evil but the pro aborts get a pass while the muzzies are nothing but barbarians. Lady Macbeth is an evil hypocrite and beneath contempt as far as I am concerned. It’s very hard for me to pray anything good for this wicked woman as well as for barry the king of the pro aborts. God help us if she ever manages to become the next presidunce because she will just finish the destruction of America as we know it that lil king barry has begun.

  7. Podesta said she’s ‘a woman of faith’. I guess she’s a full blown member of the church of LaVeyan. I thought it years ago but now its confirmed. She’s one of most vile women on earth!!!

  8. If Hilary gets elected, I am going to personally cook and eat anybody who gripes to me about how they just couldn’t vote for So and So for President and either didn’t vote or wasted it with a write in protest vote for Jesus or Batman or some such.
    Although the local vote is far more important to the community you live in, the Presidency embodies the relative ‘Spirit’ of the Country.
    If you don’t vote wisely to chase this Harridan Gargoyle with true megalomania back from her grab at Power, then you rank with illegal aliens, race hustlers, and Hipsters.

  9. Lazlo, wouldn’t it be simpler to bury them in my compost pile. It cooks real quick and next year’s veggies will be tasty.

  10. That is pretty funny coming from a twisted witch that would put every normal person in one of her ‘Fun Camps,’ if she could.

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