“Clinton Republican”

Good one.

“Clinton Republican” CFG Action Ad (WY-AL)

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  1. Good, hope it reaches the Republicans in the state and gets thru to the “Independents”.

  2. Re – Pube – Lickin

    Wait until she tries to speak publicly in her home state.

  3. “Clintoon Repubelican”. Now THERE’S an oxymoron, fit for an oxygen starved moron.

  4. If any State has legit elections, WY probably does.
    But WY has one US Representative and the smallest population, so in the big picture, meh.

    The rats who’ve ruined this country have been gnawing and defiling for DECADES. The TRILLIONS they’ve printed since 911 will never be called back and shredded. Pandora’s Box was ripped opened, the contents spread all over, and the box smashed to pieces.

    We’ll never get back (peacefully) to where we were; you still think the 2 party system has been a legitimate and good thing?!!!!


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