France: Vaccine Sites Destroyed and Vandalized as Protests Intensify

WLT: Vaccination sites in France are being destroyed and vandalized.

Protesters have taken to the streets to fight back against vaccination cards being required to go to public places in France.

Political observers note that these are some of the largest protests that the country has seen in years.

The fact that French people are destroying and vandalizing vaccination sites also debunks a Democrat talking point.

You see, Democrats like to claim that vaccine hesitancy is only because of the American right-wing and President Trump.

But the reality is that there are millions, if not billions, of people worldwide who have reservations about this new treatment. more


French Police Barely Control Crowd as 161,000 Protest Against COVID Mandates.

WLT: It appears we may have a second French Revolution on our hands.

This weekend, protests happened in over two dozen French cities.

The people were protesting against draconian COVID-19 vaccination mandates and shutdown orders.

The largest protest saw 161,000 people, according to early estimates from local officials. more here

15 Comments on France: Vaccine Sites Destroyed and Vandalized as Protests Intensify

  1. My estimation of the French has leaped upward.
    When the FDA gives the experimental JAB government approval and the Biden administration invokes the injection/mask mandate, how will the sheep in the U.S. respond?

  2. From what I’m reading France and Italy are ready to go kinetic. Dang I hope so. It would certainly help out our cause.

  3. “(Let us go, children of the fatherland,

    Our day of glory has arrived.

    Against us the bloody flag of tyranny

    is raised; the bloody

    flag is raised.

    Do you hear in the countryside

    The roar of those savage soldiers?

    They come right into our arms

    To cut the throats of our sons, our comrades.

    To arms, citizens!

    Form your battalions,

    Let us march, let us march!

    That their impure blood

    Should water our fields.”

  4. MJA
    It’s covered on the .mil sites. Not much of Europe is to happy right now. German citizens are revolting. The pussies in the UK are even holding rallies full of pissed off peeps. The sad news is I think Europe is about 3 years ahead of us.

  5. Rumors to spread:

    — Tell the mohammadmen the shots are made with dog cells.

    — Tell conservative Jews the shots are made with pig cells.

    — Tell the econuts the shots are not only themselves GMOs, but they turn those who get injected into GMOs, too.

    — Tell men the shots will cause erectile dysfunction.

    — Tell women the shots will cause their ovaries to secrete high levels of testosterone and make them unable to achieve orgasm.

    — Tell homosexuals the shots will make them straight.

    — Tell heterosexuals the shots will make them gay.

    — Tell potheads that the shots will make them insensitive to THC.

    — Tell teetotalling denominations the shots are made with vodka.

  6. My wife, an RRT, knew more people who were killed by the vaccine than were killed by the infection.

    And I’m being careful with my language here. Of course she saw hundreds die… but I’m talking about people she knew. Every week three or four people she worked with, who got the jab, are dropping dead.

  7. “A riot is an ugly thing, and I thinks it’s about time we had one!”

    Inspector, “Young Frankenstein”

  8. When pressed, the French choose freedom over government mollycoddling.
    America, wake the fuck up.

  9. Must be a shortage of white flags over there in France.
    Prolly all in use here and in Canuckistan.

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