Clumsy Malamute Puppies – IOTW Report

Clumsy Malamute Puppies

My favorite part starts at 1:05. I laughed so hard I forgot to breathe!

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  1. How do they even survive??? 🙂
    That second one on the exercise swing at 2:50 was just like ‘If he bailed, I’m gonna bail.’

  2. OH, what a hoot!!

    Thank you for a cute and adorable show! Good laugh!

    Say your prayers everyday!

    God Bless us all!

  3. I had a neighbor who had a HUGE Malamute he had to be close to 200 pounds, he was the sweetest dog I’d ever known (that wasn’t mine of course)!

  4. Some while back a woman was walking a very large dog down past our house as I was doing some gardening near the sidewalk. I was entranced by the size and the elegance of animal. It wasn’t a husky and it seemed even too large for a malamute. As the dog walked, he didn’t actually “walk”, he had the exact gate of a trotting horse. Just beautiful.

    Turned out it was a Giant Alaska Malamute. That particular dog wasn’t even fully mature, either. From that point on I dreamed and schemed about how to get one for myself. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but Geoff C. put his foot down and refused to budge on the idea. In hindsight it was the only sane thing to do. The shedding hair alone would have made us all miserable.

    They’re wonderful dogs!

  5. These will become the number one dog with new green energy deal. When you have no electricity in winter the dogs fur coat will keep you warm when you sleep if you can handle the weight of the dog in your bed.


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