CNN Asks For Help With Biased Immigration Story, Gets Destroyed On Facebook

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Ah CNN– always searching for a new angle to fake the news.  On Thursday, they posted a request on Facebook looking for biased immigration stories.

“Are you an immigrant? Have you felt forced recently to change your behavior, or take new precautions in light of President Trump’s racist remarks, the fight to add a citizenship question to the census, the threat of ICE raids… We’d like to hear from you for a story we’re working on.”

The president’s remarks weren’t racist, and on the other two points, only an ILLEGAL immigrant should be worried, not people who came here legally.

Many LEGAL immigrants responded.  The legal immigrants realized the only purpose for this project was to give the network more ammo to attack President Trump, and they gave CNN all the hell it deserved:

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  1. CNN got their newsworthy story, directly from the source–LEGAL immigrants (not invaders), but they are such deceitful human filth that they would never run that true story.

  2. “Are you an immigrant? Have you felt forced recently to change your behavior, or take new precautions … ”

    Is this actually aimed at legal immigrants or illegal immigrants?

    The MSM trend lately seems to be in the direction of equating them as a single group, with no difference between them, in the public mind.

  3. “Is this actually aimed at legal immigrants or illegal immigrants?”

    Anonymous, the left sees no difference, and they expect us to also conflate the two. Now watch Facebook punish these patriots for not complying with the narrative.

  4. It is now just repeated as fact that the President ‘s remarks were “racist”. Even Fox radio news is doing this. So sick of this.

  5. Tony R, I saw AP do it, too. It’s settled science in the media. They were just looking for something to hang the word around his neck and this was the first chance. The media coordination is obvious and laughable to us, but it’s stimulating to the NPCs and makes them want to watch TV.

  6. Pretty sure the purpose of the article was to add fear to the lives of legal immigrants in hopes they would go against Trump. Backlash is irrelevant, only people like us notice it.
    Same with the weekend ‘hate crime’ hoax – only goal was to add another story about Orange Man Bad and the walking back is ignored.

  7. Yes, I am a legal immigrant and have had to change my behavior. I was forced to start a business, and under the Trump economy it’s doing well enough I have to pay taxes. I have to support my family because I unfortunately earn too much money to qualify for benefits. I was run out of the barrio and herded into the suburbs where I now subsist in a four bedroom house with my wife and three kids. My wife’s car is new, but I have to drive a three year old vehicle which I have to park in the driveway because my kids have filled half the garage with their bicycles and sports equipment. My biggest television (out of three) is only a 65″ flat screen. I have to go to the gym because I have too much food to eat.

    America is such a hell hole, and the only country worse than the U.S. is…well, everywhere else. But CNN has opened my eyes for the need to elect Democrats because who can stand good things so much of the time?

  8. “…legal immigrants or illegal immigrants?”

    first things first:
    if someone is in this country illegally, they are not an immigrant.

  9. correct, toby miles. I believe the proper term is “illegal alien”. Especially those foreign visitors who overstay their temporary visas. They are in no way, shape or form “immigrants”. And as the left is fond of pointing out, they are the largest group of illegal aliens.

  10. I have a simple way to get the wall built and increase funding to protect the border and make it tight as a drum:

    Have Trump say he is in favour of illegal immigrants and for him to welcome them with open arms. That will turn the Dems against them so fast they will get whiplash.

  11. Nah, guys. CNN will still run the story, just with a different headline:

    “Trump Turns Immigrants Into Racists”


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