Survey: Number One Career Choice For American Kids is to be YouTubers, For Chinese Kids It’s an Astronaut

Summit News:

A new study by Harris found that the number one career choice for American kids is to become a YouTuber, while the number one choice for Chinese children is to become an astronaut.

Participants were asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

29% of American kids said they wanted to become a YouTuber, while 30% of children in the UK said the same thing.

However, in China, 56% wanted to become an astronaut while only 18% wanted to become a YouTuber. MORE

19 Comments on Survey: Number One Career Choice For American Kids is to be YouTubers, For Chinese Kids It’s an Astronaut

  1. Aspiring YouTubers need to click on the Trending tab and take a hard look at those videos. If you don’t fit in, you’re going to have a real hard time. I rarely find a trending video that’s interesting to me. It’s mostly crappy music videos and makeup tutorials. Anything else that’s popular is demonetized and you gotta sell T-shirts or some other bullshit so you end up becoming a salesman. Just go into sales.

  2. Thanks NEA you’ve succeeded in dumbing down America. Who says the Soviets lost the Cold War, they just changed tactics and infiltrated our schools and public institutions.

  3. Kids in China make a living building hand held electronic devices for American morons to walk around looking at all day like zombies!

  4. Maybe it would be different if Obama hadn’t changed our space program’s intent from space exploration to making muslims feel good…

  5. I have a 25 year old in-law. I always thought she was a nice girl. She was a manager at Pet Smart for years. She got married two years ago to a nice young man, and they bought a house together. Sadly, she has, apparently, completely lost her fucking mind. She quit her job, divorced her husband, and decided to have a “career” as an “Instagram model”, which means she posts selfies all the time and, somehow, gets monetized for it.

    She’s basically wrecked her credit for life, ruined a perfectly good marriage, and I fully expect for her to show up on Pornhub one day sitting on a black leather sofa waiting to get boned up the ass by some dirtbag with AIDS. Naturally, of course, all the soft-headed whimmen-folk in the family think she should be “given her space” and “allowed to run (they dropped the ‘i’) her own life.”

    Sometimes I really think the bellwether for a civilization’s ruination is the moment they let women do whatever the fuck they want, because a lot of them seem like the most stupid, clueless, and self-destructive fools imaginable.

  6. TheMule – it’s hard enough to raise sons to be men in this Marxist culture, but we’re doing an even worse job raising daughters. And to perpetuate it, we’ve abandoned education to those very same confused women. As such, our industrial civilization is not sustainable.

  7. The adult generation just before WWII thought their youngsters were the most insipid, dissolute, lazy, worthless dirtbags of any generation.

    We now call them “The Greatest Generation.”

    I’m a tad suspect of any kind of polling of the Chinese – particularly children. China is still a closed society inundated with propaganda (sort of like ours but more abrupt(?) – less subtle than, say CNN or Madison Avenue).

    And “Money for Nuthin” isn’t a particularly novel concept.

    If we’re going to reward mexicans and negroes for being mexican and negro, why shouldn’t the rest of em be rewarded for showing their asses (doing stupid shit on YouTube)?

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. The Chinese control their own cultural narratives. We have a quietly hostile enemy in control of our narratives. There you go.

  9. This (“29% of American kids said they wanted to become a YouTuber,”) is the result of a generation that doesn’t go outside, has no first hand experience of nature, and never developed a desire to nor the skills to find new places. Preferring the fake virtual world on the screen over the real world.

  10. That should be Couch Potatohead. I’m glad that I’m old enough to have grown up before all the electronic gizmos and gadgets turned a lot of kids into nothing but a bunch of low info zombies. Sure we had distractions but weren’t constantly bombarded by distractions 24/7/365 like the younger generations are now. Call me an old fart but we were much happier growing up without all the mind numbing tech mumbo jumbo. And I’m saying all this while listening to 60’s on 6 on my XM satellite radio, go figure.

  11. How many young Americans know what “Astronaut” means?

    “Yo, dude, y’wanna b’a astro-naught?”

    “Who y’callin ass-tran-off, muthuhfuckuh? I poppa cap in yo ass!”

    “Raddah be a you-tuber?”

    “You-Tupor be right, dawg. See whatti’m sain?”

    izlamo delenda est …


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