Venezuelan Jet “Aggressively Shadowed” US Aircraft (Videos)

The Lid: US Southern Command reported that a Venezuelan Jet “aggressively shadowed” a US Navy EP-3 aircraft. Venezuela claims it flew over Venezuela’s air space.

The Venezuelan jet was a Russian made SU-30 flanker jet, which shows that Russia is still propping up the Maduro government. Senator Marco Rubio commented that “Venezuela only has 3 jets that can fly. If they ever harmed any US aircraft, they would have zero.” Zzzzing.

The incident occurred over the Caribbean in international airspace, according to SOUTHCOM. They released the following statement with two videos of the encounter:

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  1. Bush actually allowed a P-3 to be brought down by the Chinese and the crew held until the Chinese techs could learn every secfret held aboard.
    They should start arming then with air to air missiles on these missions.

  2. Time for F-22 escorts. Venezuelan-Russian pilots should be able to make it home with drawers full.

  3. Gin Blossom is right. Our ELINT aircraft should be armed with air-to-air missiles and they should have armed fighter escorts too.

  4. gin blossom,”Bush actually allowed a P-3 to be brought down by the Chinese” is true history. Actually happened in April 2001; then 9/11/01 happened under Bush. Traitor! That spy plane has no right to be in Venezuela’s airspace. It should have been shot down as was the U-2 over Russia. Then the US could have declared war against Venezuela, which is what Trump and his war hawks want.

    Trump and his war hawks and corporate oil gangsters want Venezuela brought down by killing the people as needed, but the good people of Venezuela want to keep control of their own country and are united in resistance to the USA’s criminal sanctions. They are helping each other to survive and Trump is even trying to stop that. Inhumane agenda under the US Flag! Ugly, sadistic Americans!

    Venezuelan Food Houses: A Last Trench Against the US Blockade
    Analyst Marco Teruggi reports on a community-driven initiative that looks to soften the blow of the US blockade – food houses.
    By Marco Teruggi – Sputnik
    Jul 22nd 2019
    “Today the problem is not the availability of food in supermarkets and neighborhood grocery shops, but rather prices, and those who most suffer that impact are the low income sectors.

    The architecture to secure the arrival of subsidized food to popular neighborhoods is part of the fight against the US blockade against the Venezuelan economy: Washington has targeted CLAP food importing vessels and the bank accounts that make the payments. Its objective is to suffocate the country.

    In Luchadoras de la Patria, as well as in most organizational experiences, something strategic is created: community. It is one of the forms of invisible resistance, a possibility of enduring the assault that is aimed not only at the government but also, and above all, at the revolutionary process which put in place a historical subject whose political identity bears the name of Chavismo.”

  5. Actually, although funny, I think Marco may be wrong. between 2006 and 2015, Venezuela bought 36 SU-27. Although they may have been repossessed by Russia if they defaulted.

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