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CNN Attempts to Salvage Obama’s “Legacy” Tonight


CNN Fareed Zakaria examines the triumphs and struggles during President Barack Obama’s time in the White House.

From what I’ve seen from CNN’s description of the program, it’s our national racism that caused Obama to fail.


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  1. if obama had been a success as president, he would not have played the blame game for 8 yrs for lack of progress

    4 pointed at bush, 4 pointed at the congress

    of course, what did we expect from a community organizer

  2. Good grief the whole damn article (if not entire interview) is about race. It’s ALL the left has folks.

    He said it himself back in 2008, in more words or less:

    “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to [guns] race or [religion] excuses or antipathy toward people who [aren’t] don’t think like them or anti-[immigrant] progressive sentiment or anti-[trade] muslim sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations…”

  3. Right, the first POTUS you aren’t allowed to criticize or oppose any of his policies because he is black and therefore you are a racist. I can’t wait until Jan 20th.

  4. We all know both Zakaria and Obama suck. We’ve heard it all before. I’d like to watch, just as a refresher, but fortunately there is a sale a BJ’s and the wife has club coupons.

  5. When one goes through life blaming their failures on racism (and there’d be millions) they become a slave to their own blame.

  6. It’s funny how they accuse Ben Carson of not having the qualifications for a job in Trump’s cabinet when he has far more experience than obama had when he ran/was elected (probably fraudulently) for president.

  7. His agenda was to utterly destroy the United States of America, and he has just about done that.

    The man (?) is an absolute success!
    Just like:
    Pol Pot
    and a host of minor imps and demons of a socialist bent.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I dunno where he wants to go with this. All of my turds have been brown for years….He’s just a turd…

  9. Can any of you think of anything positive that Obama did for America? Aside from pardoning the white turkey at Christmas time, or was that Thanksgiving? (Not counting awarding the Medal of Honor to our servicemen. That would be a duty)

  10. and now we have Tubby Jabba the Hut running off at his pie hole again. BRING ME BOYS, says Michael Moore. SNARK/

  11. Racism again? That’s all he’s got? For the most pathetic record of any administration in my lifetime? Trump showing true leadership must be chaffing his bony ass.

    Self Delusion-When You Feel The Wind Racing Through Your Wings As You Soar Higher & Higher Through The Clouds, It Might Be Time To Roll The Car Window Up

  12. Hmm, a stupid muzlim trying to save the legacy of another stupid muzlim on the Clinton Nonsense Network that nobody watches.

    yeah, that will work.

  13. I’ve never been racist, but after eight years of this absolute douchewrapper, I’m considering it.

  14. The Legacy of Barack Obama

    Uh, being president isn’t about a personal legacy. It’s about the United States of America.

    The title itself is an admission of the shallowness of Obama’s self indulgent time in office.

  15. I thought it was his “character” or lack of it, accompanied by an inability to lead and misplaced arrogance that caused his failures.

    Libs are shameful and project a lot.

  16. We need ppl like Fareed, John Oliver, Jeet Heer, Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert,etc., etc., to be deported.

  17. @Moe Tom he managed to turn the Democrat party from a majority in Washington with control of a number of states into a coast party so out of touch with the rest of the nation it may be a generation before they can elect another president or control Congress.

    Election have consequences and so does bad policy and a destructive agenda.

  18. He’s the First and the Worst, Affirmative Action, Golfer in Chief Divider in Chief and all around loser President.

    The only thing he did that was good, and he didn’t mean to do it, is be Gun Salesman of the Year eight years running.

  19. @MM hahaha..BoBo soaring higher and higher until he realizes he has molted with what few stringy feathers he has left falling away as he plummets to the ground. THAT crash will be a life ender for sure.

  20. Dont forget, he is the banner queen for the lesbians, gays, trannies, and other harpo warpos. They will be watching and clutching their pearls to their falsies and proudly seeing their glued on eyelashes come off and their faces turn into racoons.

  21. Gads, I tried. Broke away, but in interest to put my anti CNN bias aside, continued to try to weed through the vomitous bullshit! I failed. If it wasn’t so insidiously full of delusional fake history, and so extremely divisive, it would be funny.

  22. Drudge linked to a story today about CNN being sued by current and former Black employees for racism and harassment. After spending the last year calling President Trump a racist the truth comes out! LOL CNN is a leftist Racist News Network LOL

  23. Kevin R. for the win!

    It is truly a shame that the first black (half-black) president was not a good, effective, even half-effective president … this man has gone out of his way to snub our allies, embrace our most vile enemies (Iran), distance others (Russia, Israel), create chaos thru ought the world, all the while deliberately trying to bankrupt & divide the very country he presided over

    he could have actually embraced the country that has given him so much & worked to create a legacy …. instead he spat upon it … he squandered it

    history will not be kind

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