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CNN Cries Foul After Getting “Boxed Out”

CNN has been trying to spy on the President when he golfs by staking out a place where a gap in the hedges allow outsiders to peer in on the course. The camera crew was there yesterday, ready just in case President Trump ventured out to play a round on his own golf course, when a white delivery truck parked in front of the opening, blocking their view.

Don Lemmon didn’t take the obstruction to their voyeurism well.  More

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  1. Hey Lemon…Trump didn’t say he wouldn’t play golf. He said he *wouldn’t have time* to play. Turns out he was wrong. Suck it.

    And Trump also said he didn’t want to hurt the Clintons because they’re good people. I’d be more concerned about that than the view through the shrubbery, Lemon.

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