CNN, Don Lemon, And Maps

It’s easy to accept the absurdity that is Rick Wilson – it’s a consistent sort of stupid, and a kindergarten sort of hate. But it’s the point of an atmosphere ration for Worst Journalist of the Year, Don Lemon (Worst Journalist of the Year) that almost all of America has come to seriously question – he is the vile union of utter hypocrisy and total failure.
…And it’s hilarious!

Let’s go to the CNN maps

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  1. I might give anyone the benefit of the doubt about confusing Nigeria and Niger, but the rest of those map images are fake, right? Right?

    Um, oh yeah, it’s CNN. Never mind.

  2. someone needs to do a montage of these geographically-challenged cnn clips & intersperse them with audio & video of the hysterical hyena-laughter from Lemonsucker

  3. I thought the scantily dressed girls were unnecessary to the video as I watched that part over and over and over. Just terrible.

  4. It’s seems bad enough the libs want to change genders and all that goes with it but….

    What the hell do I know? I do know that facts have no bearing when it comes to libs so this makes perfect sense….in their world.

  5. Funny how old Don (love me some chocolate starfish) Lemon automatically jumps to the conclusion that people from shithole countries must be brown or black.

    That’s racist, isn’t it?

  6. “… uh, some people out there in our nation don’t have maps …”

    So how could we expect anyone to find any country?
    It’s like … y’know … whomp! … and shit …

  7. Lets be fair:

    Don Lemon isn’t great with maps of the earth.

    He spent more time studying the maps of Uranus.


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