Unless you want a one party system in America, deport ALL illegal aliens

Tucker Carlson explains why —>

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6 Comments on Unless you want a one party system in America, deport ALL illegal aliens

  1. And if they come back after being deported, concentration camps. Our survival as a nation requires we take invasion seriously!!

  2. You mean a single party different than the Uniparty?

    Like “The Totalitarian Party?”

    We have a head start on that here in Washington.

  3. 11 million illegals invaders must be a running joke. Anyone with common sense knows the number is far larger and 22 million is still too low.

    How can the exact number of illegals be known? Most of the measures to curb their existence and corruption is stalled by the progressive left. The vendetta against ICE by socialist policies is disturbing.

    Guess estimates are all that’s possible because of the overwhelming task of getting an accurate number. Also, what about their offspring, illegally born in this country and treated as national born citizens? There is no guarantee children of illegals will honor the sovereignty of this country, especially since the parents are not citizens. Illegals having no swown alligence to the United States of America.

    Cutting off government welfare for illegals, preventing them from voting and penalizing sanctuary cities is just a good start.
    The new policy implement by President Trump should go one step further – immediate deportation of all residences/refugees on welfare and any of their family members brought here through the parasitic chain migration system.


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