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CNN Expected to Oust “Opinion-Oriented” Anchors

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Sources close to the network are suggesting it seeks a transition to being a more reputable news source, which will inevitably and necessarily include a change to additional public-facing personnel. Who will go and who will stay? This could get quite interesting. And entertaining.

Jon Nicosia has been following the story closely with some help from internal players. His revelations predict that the new controlling group is set on returning CNN to no-nonsense coverage and that such a realignment will require the release of prominent personalities that are far too married to bloviating opinionating. More

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  1. …should be easy. All you need to do is fire all the “talent” all the producers, all the executives, all the owners, change the name, and move it somewhere else before starting over.

    No problem.

  2. Most media organizations ceased reporting the news when it became apparent that expressing biased opinions made them more popular, gained additional fellow traveler’s, and mucho more money!

  3. John Zonk,

    The politically correct street term apparently is: “Blowing Domes”

    And the Hodge twins use: “Mushroom Tip”

    It helps get around the censors.


  4. CNN ran a story this morning about the arrest of a man for the murders of a married couple in Florida.

    They described the murderer as a “32 year-old man” and showed a picture of the guy – a thuggish looking black guy. They did not mention the race of the murdered couple, but I searched and found out they were white. They were riding their bikes along the beach, bike riding being a pretty good hallmark of liberalism. Of course, they were not armed, which could have saved them from the knife-wielding attacker.

    CNN seems to think the age of the attacker is an important detail. The media keep yelling about how bad race relations are, but do not provide all the facts when race hate may be a component of an attack, in this case the race of the victims.

  5. I do not care. I will not be watching in any case, nor will I be holding my beath. I seriously doubt that the new management team can and will find reporters worthy of the label. Even FOX, with few exceptions, appears to be largely staffed by partisan hacks on both sides of the spectrum. FOX is just not as bad as the rest.


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