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CNN Paints Hamas as Kind-Hearted

Look at the chyron. See anything?

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  1. Kindhearted, my ass, the murder of innocent Israeli citizens by Hamas is not kindhearted by any means. Kindhearted means that you treat people with kindness, there is nothing kind about the murdering Islamic bastards of Hamas, Hezbollah etc., whatsoever.

  2. Hamas is falsely painted as benevolent freedom fighters.
    Like many psychopaths they’ll slit your throat with a smile after killing your children and raping your wife.

    There are good reasons why neighboring Nations refuse to allow palestinians to enter their lands.

  3. Hamas is islam and an evil group of terrorists. as such supporters should be eradicated. there are no good people of islam.
    1400 plus years of history prove it.
    islam delenda est.

  4. Meanwhile back at the White House the two-bit whore mourned about the “innocent lives” lost among Palestinians in Gaza during an Israeli rescue mission that freed four hostages.

  5. MAF – To your point, it was [Hitler’s friend, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-] Husseini who turned the Arab-Jewish dispute from a resolvable conflict over land to an irresolvable conflict over religion. That’s why they are called “Hitler’s Arabs”

  6. CNN sees its mission as one of sowing confusion among the ill-educated while supporting the liberal/pro Hamas views of the conflict.

    John Klutz reads the CNN account and says: Wow, I dint know that shit. Yep, them Israelis are the real bad guys….them Palestine guys are the good guys. Stop sending the military stuff to the Jews who use it to kill the little Arab children.


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