CNN ‘panelists’ warn to look for ‘Republican racism’ in 2020 election cycle – IOTW Report

CNN ‘panelists’ warn to look for ‘Republican racism’ in 2020 election cycle


By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) If the Garbage Party did not use ‘hate’ as a campaign strategy, they wouldn’t have one at all.

On Saturday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo featured a three-guest panel that featured a pair of race-baiting haters, Wajahat Ali and Nayyera Haq, who were there to tell us all what to look for next year as political campaigns heat up: Republican racism. MORE

9 Comments on CNN ‘panelists’ warn to look for ‘Republican racism’ in 2020 election cycle

  1. They can drop dead. So can that racist grifter, michelle obama.

    The racist bastards are ‘projecting,’ aren’t they.

  2. I’m not here to squabble about the difference between a democrat, liberal, socialist, Marxist or communist…..they’re nothing but different shades of the same color.

  3. Wajahat Ali and Nayyera Haq.

    Strong, patriotic American names. If there is a CW2, there won’t be a mooslime in or a mosque left standing in the country when it’s over.

  4. the progtards have used ‘racisss!’ so much it no longer has meaning … it’s like taunting someone that ‘you’re a poopie head’ … they’ve neutered the meaning

    jellybean is correct … we need to come up w/ a better term for the regressive Marxists …. wish I could come up w/ something … ‘totalitarian’ is so clumsy, so is ‘oligarch’. people have been led to believe ‘socialism’ is somehow a good thing because they’ve never experienced it

    we need to come up w/ a term that defines & pins a target on the evil

  5. I’m a gonna get me a T-Shirt that sez:
    “I’m a Racist cuz a Liberal called me one!”
    and see how many people I can get to laugh!

  6. The Democrats push “racism” to the max at every opportunity.

    And when there is no opportunity, they create one.

    It’s their nature.

  7. Too funny. Meanwhile Democrat racism is alive and well.

    What a pathetic pack of jackals the Democrats are.


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