CNN Reaches 3 Year Ratings Low in Midst of Impeachment Reporting

DanBongino: CNN hit a three-year ratings low in the midst of its breathless anti-Trump impeachment reporting.

The Daily Caller reported last week that the network had its lowest primetime ratings in three years during the Thanksgiving holiday week, averaging just 643,000 primetime viewers.

Meanwhile, Fox News (unsurprisingly) dominated the ratings race, averaging nearly 2.2 million primetime viewers–higher than CNN and MSNBC combined: more

8 Comments on CNN Reaches 3 Year Ratings Low in Midst of Impeachment Reporting

  1. Why waste your time watching something that twists and distorts the news to suit their political viewpoint. I gave up cable long ago, it carries mostly a left leaning viewpoint.

  2. CNN: The Clownfart News Network. Yer rectal source of all the “news” that smells funny.
    The Eric Swalwell of Media!
    Anybody can do it. Just find an empty suit, add a teleprompter and a plate of beans!

  3. How long will it be? Before Cliffbound Never News has begathons at the end of each. for people to send them money so their shows can continue. Or a left leaning billionaire [Soreass] will buy the. network and fire everybody. Then continue the SOS with new “reporters”.

  4. The rubes won’t pay their nickel or stay, if as
    promised so many, many times, the Geek never bites
    the head off of the live chicken.


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