With Trump’s Latest Economic Blowout, This is the First Decade Without a Recession in 170 Years

Dan Bongino:

America is officially in our longest economic expansion in history, and in 2019, experts began to think they’ve called the top.

“Recession or slowdown?” asked one New York Times column, noting that the economy “seems to be cooling off.” Economics journalist Anthony Rowley told us “The world following a 2019 recession is likely to be more polarised, or even bifurcated, where the US and China, as the two biggest growth poles, seek to write their separate economic narratives.” Vox told us that “everybody’s woried” about a recession again in 2019, but hedged their bets by saying it’s “perhaps” coming.

Admittedly, if we did indeed enter a recession, it would be amusing to watch all the pundits crediting Trump’s superb economy to Barack Obama to suddenly point the finger at Trump. But obviously, that didn’t happen, as the economy showed continued strength closing out the year, with job growth rising faster than expected even at what is now effectively full employment.

And with that, yet another economic record has been set by Trump.

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  1. If Trumps trade policies can continue to bring manufacturing jobs back stateside, as well as decrease the amount of foreign goods imported, we will become more independent as a nation and as a side benefit, create more jobs.

    Trumps policy of USA first is long overdue. It needs to be applied not only to trade, but to finance and defense as well. We should be done carrying the weight of the world — we’ve done that since WWII and that time is over.

    Of course, the swamp isn’t going to like that…

  2. President Trump is an economic genius. Most of the cretins in Congress think economics is like Russian. A foreign language that is too difficult to attempt.

  3. Take it from someone old enough to know;
    When the “smart guys” say the recession/depression
    is coming, it ain’t.
    When they claim everything is peachy with no bottom
    in sight because “this is a new kind of market”,
    run like hell for the door.
    And as old Julius Westheimer used to say: “Pigs get
    slaughtered and leave 20% on the table for the next guy.”

  4. No recession in a decade? Bullshit! We suffered thru the New Depression from 2008-2016 because Obola kept interfering with natural free market forces.

    It was not “the great recession”, it was the NEW DEPRESSION

  5. Hey. Hold up a minute. Donald Trump had nothing to do with it except be there. He’s riding the wave created by my Summer of Recovery. Series.

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