Georgia Rep Collins Gets Democratic Counsel To Admit Joe Biden Committed Quid Pro Quo

Here’s the significance of that. Trump was asking the Ukrainians to investigate what he felt was a crime, and Collins got the counsel to admit it happened.

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  1. The “US” places conditions on aid all the time. Nothing new there.

    The problem here is that Joe’s kid was on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian company (Burisma), taking money (almost a million/yr) to do nothing except call daddy (the Vice President at the time) to assist them in money laundering and skimming. When the Ukrainian prosecutor was too close for comfort Joe linked US aid to his firing. THAT IS THE PROBLEM AND IT IS CRIMINAL.

    Our Republic doesn’t have too much time left to get it’s act together if it wants to avoid crumbling into dust. If it falls it will be DEMOCRATS that killed it. I won’t forget.

    Honey, get a rope!

  2. Good Georgia ass kickin’.

    This bullshit is unreal. They want to impeach Trump based on what they THINK the POTUS was thinking.

    I think Biden is only running with the Hope that this BS would work, that is he is hands-off to do whatever he wants while a candidate.

    What a pile if crap. The good news? Trump landslide inbound.

  3. Watching this hearing today & seeing all the Progs massive mouth-foaming, I swear it looks like they are all having bad reactions to their “Schitzo” medications.

  4. They keep referring to digging up dirt on a political opponent.
    How is Biden considered a polite opponent of President Trump when no primary votes have occurred?
    President Trump would love dimwit Joe to be his opponent next year.

  5. “No Nads” Nadler couldn’t even stay for this whole hearing today. Some gal has been acting as the “Chair” for over an hour. Don’t know who she is since the video crew won’t show her when she speaks.

  6. Daniel Goldman’s eyes are the look of either complete and total butthurt or if looks could kill. As his face is so deadpan I’m going with butthurt.

  7. These Progs have been, most of the day, still trying to spin Mueller’s stinking pile of crap into that it’s now relevant in this farce hearing.

  8. Mainstream media won’t run this clip so half the country will either never hear it or see it reedited to make it appear different.

  9. Daniel Goldman, the Progs attorney, just stated that the purpose here is to prevent President Trump from “CHEATING” his way to re-election & his eyes bugged out almost as much as Schiff’s when he said it.

    BTW, “No Nads” did make it back for the tail end of this farce.

  10. that reminds me … my next dog is going to be named ‘Stains’

    … so every time I call him the whole neighborhood will here me yelling ….
    “Come, Stains! Come, Stains!”


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