Coal Shortages Threaten Blackouts for 2.7 Billion Chinese and Indians


By: Vijay Jayaraj

Coal shortages have struck two of the world’s biggest energy consumers, threatening power outages for 2.7 billion people and raising prices for the fossil fuel to unprecedented levels. In China, factories are shut, homes remain in darkness, and chaos ensues on roads where traffic lights fail. Coal plants that supply neighboring India with 70% of its electricity are on the brink of running out of fuel, triggering an emergency call to the government for assistance.

China’s Guangdong Province has been experiencing regular blackouts, directly  affecting a manufacturing hub that contributes around 10% of China’s annual economic output. Some industries, despite a demand for their products, have lost as much as 50% of production in recent months.

“Power restrictions are likely to continue until March next year, and residents should prepare for water cuts to become normal,” said Guangdong media. Provincial energy regulators issued an advisory with the following guidance: “office workers to use stairs for the first three floors, shopping malls to keep advertising signs on fewer hours, and for homes to use natural light as much as possible and to keep air conditioners above 26 degrees Celsius.”

In all, 17 provinces — including the industrial centers of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shaanxi — rationed power this year. Last week, Northern Chinese provinces of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang suffered blackouts, with cuts to traffic lights wreaking havoc on roads during rush hour in at least one major city. read more

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  2. “Coal Shortage” my aunt Minnie.
    There are coal fields extending thousands of miles – from England to Pennsylvania, for instance.

    Gov’t engineered “shortage.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. It’s worse than we thought – children are actually asking Santa to leave them lumps of coal for Christmas.

  4. When the governments of Wash. and Ore. finally collapse, the economy of WY will boom as coal exports soar.

    No, I don’t expect that to happen, I just said that to demoralize those dumbasses up there. heehee

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  6. Now we see why the Hildabeast wanted to bankrupt the coal companies a few years ago! Don’t think for one second that’s not still on the tote board of the Left with Uncle Xi licking his chops!

  7. TRF

    “Left with Uncle Xi licking his chops!”

    I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. There’s no way the Chicoms wanted this. They’re going broke fast. I’m already hearing rumblings from shops we are friendly with down in the silicon valley about their customers running out of Chicom supplied components. I heard one idiot economist already blaming the coming melt down on Trump. He very well might be the instigator. The problem is, even though this was the desired out come, there’s no way in hell the current admin can manage it. The good news is there’s going to be one hell of a lot of opportunity for aggressive businessmen here. And eventually we will emerge a lot stronger. Hopefully these pharmaceutical companies are watching whats going on and have some back up plans. The Stock Market will be the first victim.

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