Cohen calls fellow dem a rat for being against impeachment

16 Comments on Cohen calls fellow dem a rat for being against impeachment

  1. The democrats are lined up on a 10th story ledge while the Republicans on the street are shouting “JUMP”!

  2. Fried rat. How’s it taste Cohen? ‘Rats biting each other. That’s got to be some sort of ‘ist’ in the leftist playbook. Cue up Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade underground.

  3. I think this is one of the best examples of what the Democrat Party is actually seeking. One of their members has looked at the “evidence” and found it doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment and chooses not only to vote against his party but because of the actions of his fellow Democrats is deciding whether to switch to the GOP. Now he’s called a “rat” (and I imagine quite a number of other, more vile names behind closed doors) for expressing his opinion and not goose-stepping along with the Party. This shows that the Dems are not interested in justice but only a coup to bring down a President elected by the people and who they hold a visceral hatred for.

  4. Someone who turns against or turns in a criminal racket is often referred to as a rat by the criminals left behind. I assume this is what Cohen is getting at in his rant.

  5. Congressman Van Drew: IRS audit, deleted from social media, deleted from google & Wiki, PayPal cancelled, bank accounts cancelled, gets swated 3…2…1…

  6. If the establishment Republicans were not every bit as bad as, or worse than, the average Democrat this would represent a turning point in the political makeup of the country.


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