Coke Doesn’t Want You To See Labels

I’m going to keep you in the dark about this commercial, because that’s its theme.

What a pant load. Did the TSA see this commercial? Is this why random people are plucked out of the line at airports for pat downs rather than bearded, olive-skinned men named Muhammad?

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  1. It’s kind of what I feel like when I’m typing here at IOTW and reading other peoples thoughts. like we are all sitting around in the dark expressing ourselves and I really like you all and wonder what it would be like to get together!

  2. @Ronterf: You know, I keep proposing myself and Moetom as the hosts of a pub crawl for iotwers along McLean Avenue in Yonkers, but nobody ever takes me up on it.

    Especially Moetom. 🙂

  3. Using all of my senses heightens discernment.
    The eyes are a window to the soul.
    Eyes not only detect hidden treasure, but hidden foes.
    If you choose to remain in darkness, acute perception and judgement are impaired.

    Where no light (evil) exists, there you will find, David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, thousands of muslim terrorists and other tools of satan hell bent on your destruction.

    In the dark they sound so loving, peaceful and normal…. as they purposely slit your throat.

  4. That was a big let down. When they said “everyone reach under your chair” I expected a huge BOOOMMMMM!!! But nooooo….stupid cans with no labels except they had labels that said only cans should have labels, so what the hell was the point? Muslim logic apparently.

  5. It is a primary attribute of human consciousness that we fit new perceptions to remembered patterns and so have reasonable expectations about how new things behave. To do otherwise would overwhelm our ability to assimilate our perceptions of the world we live in.

    So, applying labels is basic human nature. But the Coca-Cola progbots only want that subset of labels that they always use subconsciously to be universal. And it was ever thus for collectivists everywhere.

  6. That commercial had the last ten seconds cut from it…. where the muslim detonates his explosive vest and everyone dies….

  7. The tattoo guy, the Arab garb, the suit jacket guy – All designed to influence how they are seen and set the stage for inter-action in public.

    Are they about to change that? Betting not.

    My prejudice has me consider the lesser dressed guys as not trying to achieve unearned respect through appearance, but I consider T-shirt and jeans as the same – they are just projecting for a different kind of influence. Maybe even: “Nothing pretentious about me! I’m cool.”

    Prediction: Nothing will be different for this experience/commercial.

  8. This is BS, they’re in the dark eating what looks like spaghetti?? How did they know where the food was located on the plate?

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