College Board Drops Its ‘Adversity Score’ After Backlash


The College Board is dropping its plan to give SAT-takers a single score that captures a student’s economic hardship. The change comes after blowback from university officials and parents of those taking the college admissions exam.

Announced in May, the “adversity score” was intended to assess the kind of neighborhood the student came from, including factors such as the portion of teens receiving free or reduced lunch, the level of crime and average educational attainment.

In an interview with NPR, College Board CEO David Coleman said that boiling all of that complex information down to one number was problematic and that the company is now reversing its decision.

Some people worried that the adversity score would affect SAT scores, when that was never the case, Coleman said.

The adversity score did not account for a student’s race, but schools that used the tool in pilot testing reported that the socioeconomic data helped boost nonwhite enrollment.

“The first move was to admit,” he said, “that summing it up in a single score was a mistake, so we’ve stopped that.”


The second move is to admit you’re creating an Idiocracy.

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  1. “The adversity score did not account for a student’s race……”

    Not directly it didn’t, but don’t think for a second that’s what not what it was all about.

    “The Environmental Context Dashboard includes information about students’ high schools, including the rate of teens who receive free or reduced lunch, and their home life and neighborhoods, such as average family income, educational attainment, housing stability and crime.”

    Sounds like a computer program to jump over students with a certain type of, what can we say, “privilege”. Though they will probably wait until they can contract with Google to give them the “social scores” of prospective students to really weed out the deplorables.

  2. “The score did not account for a student’s race, but…helped boost nonwhite enrollment.”

    “I didn’t beat him, his face just stood there while my hands were moving.”

  3. Just yesterday I overheard two high school students talking about that as part of their college admissions process. Had never heard of it before.

  4. Why not just admit the dumbest kids, and tell the kids with the highest scores, to go dig ditches for a living?

    Hey! It worked for Mao! 😳

  5. Hey DeBlabbio blabs we should just eliminate all advanced programs altogether (is Asian genocide far behind) so we can all be equally stupid and live in caves again.

  6. I suspect the policy change isn’t due to blowback, It’s more likely that the adversity score didn’t advance the desired agenda.

  7. Math.

    Just scrub it.
    Hand out diplomas by ratio: some percentage of Mongoloids get Doctorates, distribute Doctorates by that same percentage amongst the Negroids and Caucasoids. Same with Bachelors, Masters, High School, &c.

    Quit all the fukkin whining.
    Defund “higher” education and if someone REALLY wants to learn, let him pay his own way.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. The Good GENERAL Svejk AUGUST 28, 2019 AT 4:55 AM
    “The score did not account for a student’s race, but…helped boost nonwhite enrollment.”

    …but, didn’t “Obama” himself tell us that ANYTHING that caused a “Disparate Impact” was bad and wrong and illegal, REGARDLESS of the intentions?

  9. TO Sns
    Why yes, he certainly said *lots* of things….

    Sometimes I’m at the point of hoping people stop fighting the “policies” and start burning down the campuses.

  10. I met one of our new Adversity lottery winners a few days ago.

    Muzzloid. Arrogant. HBCU grad. Interned for a senator. Going to rule the world one day. Know it all know nothing being given the glide path to an easy life after overcoming a seemingly surmountable lack of obstacles.

    First real paid job where they’ve likely had to work with nonblack coworkers and the attitude really shows. They’be been here a month and know everything already.

    It’s like watching a young Ilhan Omar.

    I hate almost all of our college pukes. Some are the usual lazy, entitled box checkers. Spent three months in Honduras building houses for the homeless. Bi-ling dontchanow? Because my helicopter parents thought it looked good on muh resume.

    The others are these hypercharged SJW shock troops ready to make zheir mark on white corporate culture that’s already bending over forwards to show their commitment to whatever whackadoo cause whose banner they can pin up in the lobby.


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