Come on Dems, Don’t Be Shy

The fastest way for any Dem to gain instant national attention would be to declare his or her candidacy for President in 2016.

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These are considered the top prospects for the Democrats to replace Obama?  I don’t know half of who these faces belong to.


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  1. I’m betting on the squaw. C’mon you shameless bitch – lemme hear yer war cry…. YAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

  2. “The fastest way for any Dem to gain instant national attention would be to declare his or her candidacy for President in 2016.”

    Gee…I thought it was

    * tweeting your junk
    * praising Allah or Alinsky

    or something like that

  3. “I don’t know half of who these faces belong to.”

    And we don’t know who the face of the current President belongs to!

  4. Did you see Webb Hubbell is endorsing Hillary? I thought to myself wow, even from the grave. Well isn’t that the Democrat way? But alas, I got him confused with Vince Foster. Vince, who do you endorse?

  5. Maybe they are not throwing their hats in the ring because they are all in on the “Declare Marshal Law, Crown Myself King” plan.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh God, what Ted Cruz would do with any of them.

    Joe Biden?

    Elizabeth Warren?

    John Hickenlooper?

    Honest to fucking God, if we run another GD RINO and 10M conservatives sit this one out, I am moving to Chile because you can kiss our asses goodbye.

    If Ted Cruz runs and hammers both the left dominated media and his opponents like Newt did, he will have the biggest landslide in history.

    What part of that doesn’t the Rove wing get?

  7. You know. I can’t help but wonder if God (WHO IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL) has allowed all this turmoil to happen because there needs to be a complete display of all this liberal/socialist/marxist/communist/godless rot gut for all decent Americans to see. And a revival to boot.

    Then His Spirit swoops in and kicks ass and takes names and then after they die F.D.R. and Eleanor are the first to welcome them. >:)

  8. @MM and Jerry….

    Giving you my best Injun-Beth war cry… YEEEAAHHEAA!!!

    You guys nailed it.

  9. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I would do if the RINOs gave us another unelectable candidate. I have read others here and on other sites say that they would either stay home or vote for the Democrat. I don’t like either of those solutions because they would essentially be giving the election away without a fight.

    I’ve decided that I will no longer hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils, but I won’t vote for a Democrat in protest nor give up my right to vote. What I intend to do is write in a candidate that I think is the most credible and conservative. At the moment, that candidate would be Ted Cruz, but I realize a lot can change in two years.

    I think its time we started thinking about a national write-in campaign – how best to get it organized and how best to publicize it, if push comes to shove. I know it is a long-shot, but can anyone tell me if it is even possible? I assume it would not be possible after all the primaries are over. Are electoral delegates obligated to vote for the winner of the primary?

  10. @riverlife_callie – EXACTLY!!!!

    I am writing in Ted Cruz, if our GOP choice is a stinker – which, since he’ll probably be picked by the media – no doubt will be a stinker.

    There should be a blog wide write-in campaign to show them we reject their choice and won’t stand for it anymore.

  11. What I mean by sitting the next one out if Republicans run a RINO is this riverlife-I will not vote for Jeb or Christie or whatever sack of RINO shit that Rove has managed yet again, to foist on us.

    No, I’ll vote Constitution Party or write some one in, but I swear to god, I’m not voting for another Bush.

    You think things went south FAST with Obama and his clueless administration, Ho-Leeeee Fuck, a President Warren term would never ever be touched in terms of incompetence. She would make Jimmah look as good as Washington.

  12. “The fastest way for any Dem to gain instant national attention would be to declare his or her candidacy for President in 2016.”

    …And come out as gay.
    Lead pipe cinch!!

  13. Thanks grayscape!

    @MM. I’m with you too. I won’t vote for a RINO LOSER.

    John McStain and Romney couldn’t even beat this LOSER OF ALL LOSERS.

    What does that tell you about them? And Rinse Pubis? I’m not taking credit for “Rinse Pubis.” I think I read that somewhere before. I’d give them credit if they did but I’m not sure. Or maybe I coined a new phrase? I don’t think so though. I’ll shut up now.

  14. The fastest way for any Dem to gain instant national attention would be to declare his or her candidacy for President in 2016.

    Nope. The fastest way for any Dem to gain instant positive national attention would be to commit suicide on prime-time national TV and have his second live tweet the action and then post the video on YouTube LiveLeak.

  15. I’m in a particularly bloodthirsty mood this evening. I’ll try not to go overboard, but given that last post I’m not too sure how successful that’ll be.

  16. The RINO establishment will force another Bush onto the ticket.
    I won’t ever vote for any communist/liberal/progressive (Hillairy)but, I will hold my nose, like most Conservatives while voting for whichever the “leading” candidate is.
    I thought Romney was a pussy, but I voted for him because that was the only non-obama option.
    How is it that Cleveland decided the election five hours before the rest of America was even counted, while one hundred percent of the voting population voted for obama?
    Fuck this bullshit. There will never be another REAL election in America.


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