Idiots On Parade

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May Day Up to the Minute Blog– pics and tweets live from the peaceful “protests” in downtown Seattle.

Threats to Seattle police discovered ahead of May Day

SEATTLE — Posters that threaten the safety of Seattle Police have shown up ahead of Thursday’s scheduled May Day protests and marches.

Mayor Ed Murray’s office say the posters, discovered on Capitol Hill through the Central District, read, “The only good cop is a dead cop.”

Another poster found on Capitol Hill reads, “No new jail. No old jail. Fire to the prisons. (expletive) the police.” The bottom of the poster listed the website for Puget Sound Anarchists.

The protests have turned violent the past couple of years, with anarchists and other groups infiltrating the scheduled peaceful marches. They have led to several arrests and vandalism of businesses. Someone spray painted the words “Smash this” and “May Day” on windows at the Bario restaurant on Capitol Hill.

Organizers of the permitted march say they are trying to focus on their message and not the possible violence and vandalism that may come from others.


“We don’t focus on that because our march is peaceful. We have permits. We’re out here trying to protect our community so, although there is frustration coming from other sides, we are respectful of what their message is. They’re respectful of ours and we try to move forward together,” said Diana Lopez of the May First Action Coalition.


In Seattle, May Day is the day when idiots dressed in black roam the streets and break windows at Starbucks and Walgreens-all for workers rights-with the hopes of a big payday when they file a complaint of police brutality afterwards. Un-freakin-believable.

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  1. Damned if they do. Damned if they don’t.
    I think some people like to push the cops to see the police brutality. And get it on video.

  2. And it’s not the Tea Party or conservatives doing this kind of thing – but we’re the “enemy.”

  3. “scheduled peaceful marches” – my aching ass

    This is the same shithole that has erected a monument to their God in Freemont. They gather and spew their antisemitic creed in Westlake Center every weekend.

    From the assholes’ own website:

    “Weighing over 7 tons, the sculpture took ten years to complete and was installed in Poprad, Slovakia in 1988. It is unique. We believe it is the only representation portraying Lenin surrounded by guns and flames instead of holding a book or waving his hat. The sculptor, while fulfilling the requirements of his state commission, was nevertheless able to express his vision of Lenin as a violent revolutionary; not just an intellectual and theoretician”

    I happened to be in Freemont one Mayday and they had Lenin decorated with flowers and all kinds of crap and I walked up and slapped the flowers out of the statue’s hand and kicked their offerings into the street for them. These Seattle a-holes are some genuine sick asses.

  4. I have zero tolerance for violent rioters hurting people and destroying private property.
    They should be stopped permanently by any means necessary.

  5. Getting to be just like Berlin.
    The May Day riots are like a festival there.
    Oh, and the cops just “don’t know how” to stop it.
    Uh huh.
    Seattle gets what it encourages.
    My sympathies, illustr8r.

  6. It’s sunny and 85+ today. Perfect weather for a riot.

    @Irony The cops are unable to do their jobs- handcuffed by the Justice Dept- and endless claims of excessive force. Mostly they watch the destruction and intervene only if it looks like it’s going to REALLY spiral out of control. May 1st is party time in Seattle for the radicals after they saw the way the WTO was handled years ago. The thugs know they can run amok in the streets unopposed for the most part.

  7. If you own a business in the downtown area I would suggest sitting in it with a loaded 12 gauge and plenty of ammo. First one through the broken window never makes it out.

  8. Nothing helps protesters stay polite like the owners sitting on the roof with shotguns.
    What burns me is when they’re beating innocent citizens why the cops sit there and watch as much as I support the police I never understood this policy.

  9. What happened to the good old days when we used to dance around the May pole and afterwards have passionate sex?

  10. Was in Seattle last year for the first time and had enough of that place the first day. Unfortunately we stayed 5 days and everyday there was a protest of some sort going on. Seattle is full of liberals, they’re as bad a San Francisco.

  11. Anarchists? May Day?

    Looks like the socialists are hiding behind another moniker. These fucking dissembling cowards haven’t the balls to stand at the podium and declare their intentions to destroy America and install a socialist tyranny. They need to remember, or be reminded, that THEY bleed, too!

  12. Send in the Albuquerque PD and “Ryan Payne” Agent Provocateur, Bundy Standoff. They can clobber the commies, half of whom are feds anyway. Probably wind up boofooing each other in the street.

    Leftism is a freak circus.

  13. Wait a second.. I’m a conservative and I agree with the sentiment of these people. Cops have gone way too far and are unjustly killing innocent people in unprecedented numbers. I don’t agree with the defacing of property but I would stand next to those people any day for their right to be left the hell alone by the cops when they’re not doing anything wrong.

  14. Make absolutely no mistake about it folks – this represents the base of the Democratic Party in Washington State. One of their biggest sources of cash is JZ Knight and her merry band of fruitbats.

    These are the Democrat Party’s foot soldiers, Dem politicians may issue public statements denouncing their antics, but they actively collaborate with them on practically every issue.

  15. Think I’ll spend May day watching a good old movie. Maybe Shirley Temple or Fred Astaire. Easter Parade would fit my mood.

    Screw those left-wing assholes and their sick pathologies. Life is too short.

  16. @Tim – Yes, the damned Left has hijacked the word “anarchist” just as they have “liberal” among others. It does piss me off.

    Murray Rothbard coined the term “anarcho-capitalist” specifically to differentiate those of us who really only (!) want to abolish the state from those who want to replace the existing state with their own self-aggrandizing version.

    I am an anarcho-capitalist, but resent the need to add any modifier to the “anarch-” part. *sigh*

  17. The way things work these days politically, it’s impossible to tell who put those posters up, actual communists douche bags or someone who really hates communist douche bags.

  18. It is hard to be a police officer or chief when people are looking forward to May 1 to cause whatever damage they can.


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