Comedian, Pete Holmes, Says Obama’s Daughter Extremely Rude at Comedy Show

32 Comments on Comedian, Pete Holmes, Says Obama’s Daughter Extremely Rude at Comedy Show

  1. Obola’s daughter?

    The Rent-A-Brat doesn’t look like either one of them – Moose or the girl.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. OTOH, they weren’t glued to their phones. I know, I know…the soft bigotry of low expectations. It plagues the Obama family.

  3. The first time I went out with a gal who had a cellular phone was in the 1980’s. Phone rings and she reaches in her handbag and pulls the phone out and starts yakking with her girlfriend. This went on for a couple minutes and I excuse myself to use the restroom. Picked up my jacket from the hostess, climbed into my Mach 1 and went bye bye. Chicks are rude.

    I suspect I would not fare well in today’s dating environment. I might have to toss a few phones into Commencement bay.

  4. @dee
    JANUARY 27, 2020 AT 12:38 PM
    “No that one looks like Obolo and Sharia looks like Mooch“

    Actually Mooch is their father.

  5. I thought that comedians could “think on their feet;” I’d have asked her if she had discovered who her birth-parents were.

  6. Jarret had the babies because Manchelle does not own a vajay jay and Barry is a queer. That’s why Valerie has lived with these clowns for decades raising her actual entitled satanic spawn.

    This Charlie Foxtrot of a “family” is a perfect reflection of the values of the Demonrat party. A homo and a tranny raising a lesbians offspring.

    And this country elected this this steaming pile of perversion twice simply because of the color of their skin, unbelievable. I would say rudeness is the high point of their respective personalities.

  7. Good looking, and hot? you must be a lonely guy to find that block head attractive. Other than Frankenstein she’s the only other person I’ve ever seen who’s head has corners.

  8. I think he described them as “good looking and hot” in an attempt to offset the criticism that was to follow. He will lose his career, but his life will be spared. If he had criticized Hillary, we would be offering condolences.

  9. A young lady can be something less than “hot” but through her actions and behavior she can have a certain “cuteness” about her that can be very appealing. I’m afraid she is neither hot or cute.


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