Comey Dodges Senate Russia Hearing

Breitbart: Fired FBI Director James Comey skipped a Wednesday closed-door Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, where top current and former Intelligence Community officials reviewed conclusions about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Former CIA Director John Brennan, Former National Security Agency Director Admiral Mike Rogers, and Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper attended the hearing.

Comey’s decision not to attend the hearing on Russian interference comes as credibility issues mount for the fired FBI Director, who is still on a media tour promoting his book A Higher Loyalty. more

8 Comments on Comey Dodges Senate Russia Hearing

  1. “…still on a media tour promoting his book A Higher Loyalty.”

    How is the book selling, Jim? Hasn’t been in the news much lately. That usually means sales are tanking. Is that the case with your book?

  2. Lordy! The mob seems to be turning on its self appointed protectors. Something is happening to upset the Grand Plan. Operation Hurricane Blow Back! Elections have consequences. Lordy!

  3. Cover of lovers alibi
    Comey on the tapped line
    Comey, Comey anytime
    I’ll arrive
    When your ready we can share the lies

  4. Blowme had a Higher Loyalty to attend to……his pocketbook.

    Congress should subpoena Blowme, and if he dodges that, throw the lying bastard in jail.


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