Tammy Bruce Deconstructs the Kirsten Gillibrand “Lehman Sisters” Remark and It is Powerful Stuff

Tammy Bruce is extremely sharp, and I love the way she can go levels deep and expose the left in a profound way by deconstructing what seems like a throwaway remark.

There are no throwaway remarks. They all reveal something, especially when you’re good at reading between the lines.

Rush has this ability. Tammy Bruce has it too.

I love this segment-

14 Comments on Tammy Bruce Deconstructs the Kirsten Gillibrand “Lehman Sisters” Remark and It is Powerful Stuff

  1. I have followed TB since she was a liberal. Her logic allowed her to cross over, she is truly a thinking, rational person who articulates conservative principles better than most consvervatives!

  2. Along with being smart she’s attractive, too, as many conservative ladies are.

    Now…if she makes a decent sammich….a tri-fecta for the win!

  3. Risk is good. The reasons the banks collapsed wasn’t because the were risk takers it was because the government manipulated the market with low interest rates.
    Let them play with their own money and see what the interest rates go to and what happens to the current housing bubble which is worse than it was in 2008.

  4. “Tammy Bruce is extremely sharp”! RIGHT! When KABC was a conservative station I heard her audition; flooded the station with weekly email supporting her! She was hired about 25 years ago. KABC changed to progressive about 15 years ago and have only liberals/lefties.

    But I was a member of her Yahoo group 20 years ago. So I clearly am biased. I admit I am , like Ronnie, a conservative former Dem. NO REMORSE

  5. PS

    I think She said 30 years ago that like me , she is a Ronnie Dem. But I may be in error.

  6. She kind of reminds me of the female David Horowitz–they both saw the gritty filth of the Communist-Democrat Party from the Hole. But David was raised by 2 Communist parents. Not sure of Tammy’s upbringing.

  7. Gillibrand is starting to look and sound like the woman she replaced in the Senate. The woman who regularly risks her life on staircases.

    What is that bumper sticker all the pussyhats have on their cars, Kirsten?

    “Well-behaved women seldom make history”

  8. Man, I recall listening to TB way back on LA radio station KFI AM on quiet evenings while patrolling in AZ. She made a point of stating that she was the NOW president of the LA chapter I believe (and a Lesbian) and of course a feminist. But even then I sensed she was not the radical Steinem type and I found myself agreeing with her on many issues..probably because they coincided with my conservative ones! She later left NOW on inhospitable terms as she stated that she found their hypocrisy intolerable. So I’m glad Tammy is on our side and her honesty and integrity is beyond reproach. Would be great if she had her own show on FOX.

  9. The longer I live the more convinced I am that the “assertiveness training” of the 1970’s/1980’s ruined women. Men and women, both, have complimentary strengths and weaknesses. In all of nature there is nothing so fierce and selfless as the female of the species — IF circumstances require it to be so. Why, then, must some women thump their chests like male apes over things that aren’t germane? It takes an enormous toll on anyone, male or female, to act against their instincts and personalities in order to accommodate prevailing expectations of how they *should* act. Sadly, it is now an act of courage for a woman to be womanly and for a man to be manly, but if each were to express their natural tendencies there are opportunities ample enough to also naturally respond to threats and crises that require fierceness and sensitivity. In other words, we as a society have got to stop assigning value of one sex over another, because we need the gifts of both and that is how God intended it.

    I’ve never really understood the ridiculous “War between the sexes.” Ever since Eve presumed to be the brains of the outfit without at least consulting Adam, it’s been a downward spiral.

  10. Tammy is an admitted objectivist, which is another way of saying she has trained her mind to think correctly.

  11. “because we don’t value woman in society” – KG

    Yeah, maybe in her twisted society or household.

    Listen to what these Progressives say, the re-arrangement of words…their meanings and history itself.

  12. We’ve been fans of this gutsy, bright, articulate and beautiful woman for many years. She’s a National Treasure!


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