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Comey’s Farewell Letter

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  1. What mission? You mean the mission to obfuscate and distract through semantics and subterfuge regarding the administration of justice where it pertains to Hillary Clinton, Mr. Director?

    Platitudes, Mr. Comey.

  2. Last night, I watched some beltway “law enforcement” hack spew about how Comey had the “moral compass of a boy scout” and that he had the “utmost integrity and honesty” in his behavior as FBI director.

    I thought to myself that Washington, DC must have a vastly different definition of honesty and integrity than most of us out in the hinterlands do. Excusing the more than obvious crimes of Hillary Clinton among many other travesties is absolute proof that Comey and his willing accomplices in federal law enforcement are morally and intellectually complicit in allowing a proven criminal to escape their due punishment (under the law and constitution) that they falsely claim to uphold and obey.

    Comey and his ilk are perfect examples of why the entire federal govt. is considered to be pusillanimous, abject scum by most of America at this point in history.

    They all deserve to be hung by the neck until dead if our country is to survive its traitorous employees.

  3. This letter is concerning on several issues: One doesn’t “feel sad” when leaving a job, one should feel as if you have done your best.

    There doesn’t seem to really be a clear vision or statement of self here – this man was clueless and reactionary only – he indicates he was treated unfairly.

  4. Reading between the lines:

    “As a reward for providing cover for the rapist’s wife multiple egregious felonies I have been offered a position at the Clinton Foundation as Vice President of Money Laundering.”

  5. It’s a good farewell note.
    If it inspires one – even ONE – agent to do his duty instead of manufacturing evidence and murdering people (like LaVoy Finicum), it’s a good thing.

    Even a rotten piece of shit can fertilize.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Dirtbag Comey should have been tarred and feathered and run out of the country on a rail immediately after he said Hillary Clinton was guilty of crimes but would not be prosecuted and added the warning “don’t any of you lesser cretins think you can do the same thing and get away with it”!

  7. Screw you Comey, you should have imprisoned hilLIARy friggin clinton along with that entire criminal cabal of obozo, hummaweiner, susan rice, koskinen, lois lerner, and about 200 others. These liberals all flaunt federal law and make a mockery of our legal system and of the FBI. Comey reminds me of John Roberts, who won’t do their jobs and make the tough choices on behalf of the American people, but instead play politics and look to CYA. Constitution? Comey you are a joke and a weasel. Good bye good riddance.

  8. How about this to make it simpler:

    Dear F.B.I. folks;
    I are a stupid ass and a done screwed the pooch.
    James Comey
    Former F.B.I. director
    (Current Clintoon campaign staffer)

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