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Coming 2016: All-Out War On So-Called ‘Social Justice’

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In 2016, battle lines will be drawn. On one side, people of all colours, genders and orientations are rallying around the flag of freedom of speech. On the other, a nasty set of authoritarians are rallying around a flag that identifies as a flag only on Mondays, uses they/them pronouns and will try to get you fired or expelled from school if you forget it.

Let me explain. In 2015, I saw the seeds of a movement begin to sprout. Across the internet, and even in fear-gripped halls on campuses, young people began to stand up and challenge the humourless, divisive, identity-obsessed elites that have taken over our cultural discourse. People of seemingly disparate interests and politics — gamers, pundits, metalheads, comic book and science fiction fans, atheists, Catholics, conservatives, libertarians and even many disaffected liberals — came together to agree on only one thing: art and culture should be left alone.


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  1. Good. Maybe it will transform into economic libertarianism.

    In my town I rarely run into political correctness but I was in the supermarket the other day and called out a friend who reneged on a bet. I kept calling her a reneger over and over in a very loud voice. I caught one woman giving me horrified looks but most people just ignored me.

  2. I saw a T-Shirt in the H&M store that said: Feminism, the radical notion that women are people. I threw up in my mouth a little. Do people actually believe this bilge?

  3. once again Limbaugh was correct: “Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.”

    ….to the extreme

    (btw, I think the Double K Ranch is missing a heifer)

  4. That is one dumb bint. I wouldn’t touch that with Bruce Jener’s Dick and Bill Clinton pushing. Sorry for the image in advance

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