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How Willing Would People Be To Turn Backs on Cosby If He Supported Black Lives Matter?


Breitbart: Ebony magazine Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux questioned if people would be more willing to turn their backs on Bill Cosby if he “didn’t have that sort of respectability politics” and instead supported the Black Lives Matter movement on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show.”

After guest host Melissa Harris-Perry declared, “we were ultimately more interested as a people, not just black folks, as Americans, in preserving this image, this imagined notion of Bill Cosby, than in understanding actual women’s experiences and allegations.” Lemieux said, “I can’t help but to wonder, say if Mr. Cosby didn’t have that sort of respectability politics, you know, heavy-handed against single mothers, and complicated-sounding names and wearing your pants low, and listening to hip hop, say that wasn’t who he was. Say that he was a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, right? Say that he was elected. Say that he was really ‘on our side’ politically. Would we be having this conversation? How willing would people be to turn their backs on him? Or to say, ‘You know, I may love what you stand for here, but I cannot stand in solidarity with you when you have these sort of allegations against you. I have to take them seriously. It’s not about me not liking your personality, it’s about me not being okay with sexual assault.’”  more here

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  1. From the first accuser coming forward I’ve believed that Cosby was being punished for his criticism of the deplorable black inner-city culture. This is a man who gave all his children first names that began with letter “E” to remind them that he expected excellence from them. You know he can’t be happy with all the welfare, fatherless households, and crime in the ghetto. But, like everyone else who tries to inspire poor kids from poor neighborhoods to make something of themselves, he is branded racist (or in hise case, an Uncle Tom).

    I’ll come right out and say it……somebody PAID these Anita Hill wannabes to do it. And who has that kind of dough, with a vested iterest in seeing Cosby go down? See Clinton Foundation, “Reverend Al Sharpton, the Obamas (h/t to ValJar), BLM…… just the usual gang of idiots.

  2. They are setting up the distinction between cosby and slick willy so they can justify still supporting the ex philanderer-in-chief – and hitlery.

  3. so, Cos gets a ‘lynchin’ while Slick is given a pass by the press

    sound like ‘White Clinton Privilege’ to me

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