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Coming Soon To A White Suburb Near You – Section 8 Housing

Obama has just signed a new law that gives HUD the power over local zoning boards so that section 8 housing can be forced into white upscale neighborhoods.

Obama’s theory is that inner city blacks are “the way they are” because they don’t live in nice houses in nice neighborhoods.

Is Obama aware that an inner city black disparages another inner city black by telling them that they are “acting white”? Does Obama think that section 8 dwellers are going to embrace the white experience out in the suburbs? I don’t think so. I think they are going to export to the suburbs what they manufacture in the ghettoes.

I’ve lived through this. My hometown of Yonkers, NY (a suburb of NYC) was one of the landmark desegregation cases in America. Yonkers was sued for gerrymandering district lines to keep blacks from achieving political power. When they lost the case the settlement was to put low-income housing in “white neighborhoods.”

The former “white neighborhoods” are, for the lack of a better phrase, less impressive than the used to be. And it’s not because black people live there now. It’s because there is more litter on the streets, more crazy double-parking, more loitering, more public drunkenness, more jay-walking, more confrontational looking people who stroll in front of your car, slowly, when you have the right-of-way, metal detectors in the high school doorways. That sort of thing.

I think it’s just a coincidence, one that happens over and over and over and over again, that blight follows a shift in demographics to a higher melanin count.


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  1. They’ll be hard pressed to get a settlement going in my neck of the woods. Too far from a 7-11, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, or a WalMart. They already have their Section 8, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s on the Southside of town. Benevolently known to the Sheriff as “Southside’s finest.”

  2. It isn’t blacks that obama wants integrated into nice neighborhoods it is you know what that obama wants to integrate into nice neighborhoods. We have black families in our neighborhood in about the proportion that blacks are represented int the community in general and I would take more of the same in place of some of the low bred white trash that has occupied a couple of the rental homes. Actually black families who share our values are welcome regardless of whether they displace white trash or whether they just decide to buy in our neighborhood. We no longer have any rental properties on our block and there are very few left within four or five blocks of us now.

    What we don’t have and haven’t had is you know what and we don’t want or need any you know what just like we don’t want any more white trash.

    Chris Rock – Black People VS. Niggaz (Bring the Pain 1996)

  3. Another tragic failure on the threshold. At one time (1996) I moved to a nice street. Shortly afterward HUD fixed the whole block with opening two homes for underprivileged families. Property values have dropped by 40%. You can’t leave anything you want to keep out side. Chain the grill & tank to a tree. I’ve had the bulb taken from the porch light…cars broken into 19 times.

    If I now move am I racist?

  4. What do you expect from a niggerized president?

  5. You take middle and upper middle class conservative blacks in a neighborhood they add to that neighborhood.

    You put liberal ghetto blacks or trailer white trash in a neighborhood and they destroy it. Exactly what Obama wants. 21st century Model Cities. You know how well they worked out the first time.

  6. How about some section 8 housing be built on the white house grounds. To achieve a true racial mix there, we would need for some low-income white families to be moved into that housing!

  7. Start building in districts of reps who voted for this social enginnering. Id love to see section 8 housimg a stone’ s throw from the Kennedy compound

  8. Like a mudskipper, they will hop right back to their urban hell holes. Like a fish out of water is a monkey out of the concrete jungle.
    All it takes is to get thrown out for not paying for 2 or 4, probably 8 years, the property is trashed, drugs are around, crime is up… but they will go right back to where they came from.

  9. Take a gallon of shit.
    Add a quart of ice cream.
    Would ya want to eat it?

    Take a gallon of ice cream.
    Add a quart of shit.
    Would ya want to eat it?

    The shit will ALWAYS beat out the ice cream.

    Take a barrel of apples.
    Throw in a rotten one.
    They ALL rot.

    Take a barrel of rotten apples.
    Throw in a good one.
    The good one rots.

    It’s called “entropy.”
    All the wishful thinking in the world can’t change it.

  10. Far too easy to fix.

    I solved this and another issue years ago.

    To digress to the previous issue, waste water treatment by municipalities that were lazy.

    Simple fix. Require them to discharge their treated waste UPSTREAM of their drinking water plant intake.

    Section 8 housing? Too damn easy. Elected officials must have Section 8 housing on BOTH sides of their residence. And no single family dwellings allowed. Must be multiple units.

  11. Too bad Obama didn’t get an ounce of love from a father figure, isn’t it?

    If he had, we wouldn’t even know who this spiteful skinny little mulatto was.

  12. There’s a reason we pay the highest property taxes in the state. And, yes, it’s for good schools, great shopping/restaurants/entertainment, etc., low crime and a overall great quality of life.

    While we may be majority White (as is the country), our city (and my neighborhood) has a large number of every ethnic group.

    Best comment I’ve read on the internet today on this topic:

    “If a black or brown person can afford a $750,000 house in my neighborhood, I will welcome them.”

    One of the reasons the government gave today was “access to good schools”. Then, by golly, fix the schools, allow vouchers and get the Federal government out of the schools!

    I used to enjoy the word “social” — ice cream social, community social, pot luck social, a nice/cordial person. The left has hijacked this word (social justice, social engineering, etc.) and have destroyed its original meaning. Kind of like “gay”. 🙁

  13. I used to live in a small area that had 3 celebrities living near me.
    In 2009 or 10, the owners of a house down the road from me (2 story 5 bedroom) left town and decided either to rent it, or walk away from it. You know, because 0bamanomics.

    Suddenly, 6 to 7 cars that were damn near abandoned looking were parked in front of that house. The doors and windows of the house were open 24 hours a day. 3 black families moved in and little toddlers were roaming the street unattended, sitting on window ledges (no glass, no screens), hair uncombed, no shoes, EVER, no shirts, no nothing. Same shit you see in Africa. No kidding. The house went from remodled to ghetto within 3 weeks!

    Few months later, some neighbors told us that house was section 8. Yeah, no kidding. Then a couple of other houses went section 8 on the street behind us. (Illegals) Then the police started arriving here and there.

    Anyway, I moved away but never went back to see what happened to the area. I know a lot of the neighbors were armed, and so were the celebrities’ homes, so they were protected. But still. The neighborhood went down hill.

    It’s not a color thing. Every color has big time losers. It’s entirely a problem with common sense, no responsiblity, and entitlement for something you didn’t earn. That’s what brings society down.

    Once the feds try to get into some ultra rich areas (liberal or not) There will be pushback. Someone somewhere will have congressmen and women in their pockets that will throw some wrenches into this plan.

    And I sit here wondering. Why is it easier to spread misery and destruction than it is to spread goodness and self respect? I know why 0bama does it. He’s just evil.
    But why do ‘actual’ humans behave this way? Jealousy?

  14. “white upscale neighborhoods”?
    I grew up in a rich area.
    But, now I live in a shit hole with other poor white people. No blacks. Poor whites. Funny thing even tho we are all ‘too poor to pay attention’ there is almost no crime. Mostly just an occasional drunk.
    I’ll take living with poor whites any day. How did I get poor. Lack of education.

  15. Yea but he’s gotten several ounces of love from men in the past so there’s no excuse.

  16. Precisely why my next home will have about 1/2 mile between me and any neighbor.

  17. Yes. I think about that a lot myself. I don’t like to be so far away from “Stuff”. But then I don’t like people, so…


  18. Glad I don’t live anywhere near a bus line

  19. I feel sorry for the hardworking black, asian, white, mexican and other ‘an’ people who left ghettos and will now end up another ghetto. However expensive it is.
    0bama is making America look like a school during summer time.
    In his own image.

  20. But your area will be forced to institute a bus line after this. Because discrimination!!!!

  21. I work on my dad’s dairy farm. Started helping at 7 and driving the tractor at 10.
    600 acres. Closet house is miles away. If you stand real still on the 4th of July you can hear fireworks. If you hold your breath.
    I really feel sorry for you people in big cities.
    My wife says Obama hates white people and he proves it everyday.

  22. We had white trash where I live. Didn’t work out for them. They moved.

  23. “Does Obama think that section 8 dwellers are going to embrace the white experience out in the suburbs?”

    No, and that’s why he’s doing it.

  24. B. Hussein Obutthole is right on schedule to take down this nation on behalf of his communist forebearers and for personal African revenge. Another 40 to 50 million illegal aliens and trillions more
    in debt and we should about be done as a factor on the world stage! But at least we will all have section 8 housing, EBT cards and Obamaphones! Maybe the Greeks could move here and help bail us out with their soon to be European Union subsidies!

  25. I’m surrounded by farmland and grazing pastures in the rolling Ozark foothills. You have to work for a living around here. This morning my dogs chased off a fat woodchuck that was raiding the wild blackberry bushes. The sounds I hear outside every day are birds, cows, bullfrogs, crickets, cicadas, and tree frogs, intermixed with silence.
    This is as close to a city as I ever want to live. Maybe too close. I can get to town in 30 to 45 minutes.

    Before 0bama started infesting the white house, people out here used to wave to each other and smile when they drove by.

  26. The shitrification of white neighborhoods and cities is well under way. Here in my little City in Contra Costa County, 15 miles east of Oakland and Richmond, Halfrican Amerikan’s are sowing in droves, moving into my quiet area. Their numbers haven’t reached a point where they lash out at whites, but it ain’t far away. Whereas you would never have seen a black two or three years ago, they are now everywhere….schools, stores, 7-11, etc…

    I keep telling the wife it’s time to move but she isn’t interested. Heck, my home has been in my family for80 years and even I’m wiling to give up and get out before it’s too late.

  27. We’re thinking of moving. Just moved 8 years ago after 31 years in our first house. Thought we had our dream house. Nah!
    On the other side of our woods..row homes. (That’s what they called them years ago. Now it’s condos.)
    Most will be section 8.
    We ARE looking!!

  28. HUD is one of the many alphabet agencies that simply needs to be eliminated, and a law passed to keep it from ever coming back.

  29. “Obama has just signed a new law…”

    BZZZZT. Nope…

    “The Obama administration announced new rules…”

    We are pretty far down the road when we can’t tell the difference.

  30. Income and credit score have no race or skin color. Come live next to me if you’ve earned it. Vote Republican if you want the excellent school vouchers that will allow you to get there!

  31. If HUD fux up enough uppity rich white high rent areas there MAY be chance the white victims will support defunding HUD.

  32. Nothing cures liberalism faster than becoming a victim of their own belief. So let’s have HUD start by putting Section 8 housing in gated communities full of lawyers, professors, union officials, and government workers. Let’s see how all those rich white daddies like having their sons murdered and their beautiful daughters impregnated by 17 year old gang bangers who have three page rap sheets.

  33. You got the internets, surely you can wait 3-4 days for whatever you want.

    IDK, I want to live in a geographic anomaly, 6 days from everywhere would be best. But 3-4 isn’t so bad, a semi-sized area nearby might be OK, so long as there’s a hardware store with a nice bolt bin.

  34. Martha’s Vinyard needs to be the first neighborhood to go. In fact size the house the Obama’s are saying in and turn it into a section 8 resort.

  35. The Whitehouse needs a NASCAR track running around it.

  36. I just long for the day a leftist comes to this site and calls me a racist for my posts.
    I’d have to point them to the numerous posts that I write where I say I’d rather live in an integrated conservative neighborhood than an all-white progressive neighborhood.
    It’s the left I loathe, not conservatives, no matter who they are.
    I’ve owned 3 houses. EVERY one of them I happen to live next door to a black family.
    Great neighbors. They shared my values.
    They were in that neighborhood for a reason.

    They were serious, educated, sober family oriented people.
    That’s all anyone could ask for.
    The worst neighbor I ever had was a white guy.
    A real scumbag. A guy that deserved to be buried under the turf at Giant’s Stadium.

  37. @ GI-had Joe, move now. It won’t get any better.

    BFH, I had a cousin who embodied the worst of urban ghetto-ization in his mind and manner. We opened our home to him because he was family in need and had to ask him to leave, at which point he took everything that literally wasn’t nailed down. Who still visits from time to time? The black cousin-in-law, the whitest black guy I ever knew, to couch in in what color skin he has, as opposed to who he is. Values is the word. Not the police blotter description.

  38. I live in Yonkers, BFH’s hometwn, just three miles north of the Bronx County border.

    Believe it or not there are skunks in my neighborhood. I can smell them whie I’m walking to the train station.

  39. Hey ideas ! I loved the analysis – Does anyone know if my company might get ahold of a blank a form form to fill out ?

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