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Compilation of the Most Absurd Non-Scientific Edicts and Behaviors Regarding Covid-19


-That reminds me of musicians playing their instruments through a hole in the mask.

  • A virus so insidious that it can tell whether you are attending church or burning down a police station.

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  1. …the time I went to the outpatient surgical center for my knee surgery and had to show proof of a negative COVID test to the woman at the desk blocking the door, so I could go sit FULLY MASKED AND SOCIALLY DISTANCED in a room full of OTHER patients who had to show proof of a negative COVID test at the door, and staff that ALSO had to have weekly negative COVID test to even be allowed to WORK there with NO VISITORS ALLOWED…

  2. …I also liked the time I went to the Dr’s office for the physical and my doctor, who should know better, refused to come into the room until I verified I was away from the door, then he ran in to the furthest corner away from me to shout questions at me through an N95 mask AND a grinding full face mask AND goggles, and never actually EXAMINED me or even got close enough to take a blood pressure…

  3. In Michigan it was the ban of garden seeds. Never made any sense because if there had been a deadly pandemic you would want the citizenry self dependent to minimize contact which producing your own food would achive.

  4. My favorite is the stupid plexiglass dividers between me and the cashier, ’cause the virus could never go AROUND the damn things.
    And, thank you, plexiglass, for protecting me while the cashier just manhandled everything I will be taking home.

  5. How about the “fact” that you can catch the virus while walking through the restaurant to your table, but as soon as you sit down you are invisible to the virus and can remove your mask.

  6. RINO Abbott closing the river for water activities like tubing in TX. I was in Academy last summer and I overheard an employee explaining to a college student looking for tubing gear that the gov had deemed that all non-essential and demanded all the stores ad Buc-ees stop selling the equipment. Ingenuity won though, the tubing outfits sold bottle of waters for a tube instead of renting the tubes but officially the river was closed conveniently until summer ended. King Abbott doesn’t have the luxury of that crap this fall with his 2022 election and some good primary candidates.

  7. We had torrential downpours, hail and thunder and lightening yesterday. A kid of about high school age walked down the street aline in that weather with a mask on.

  8. Quarantine of healthy people.
    Two weeks to flatten the curve.
    Double masks.
    Government deciding what an essential business is it isn’t.
    Science subverting reason.

  9. Barbershop and salon,non essential.
    But don’t you dare close down the liquor store or lottery.

    Son told me that every other urinal in the men’s room was taped off.
    Don’t guys usually separate themselves anyway?

    Started out having clothing, paint and furniture departments secured off.
    Then, when clothing was deemed essential again, fitting rooms remained closed.
    This all but ensured a return trip to to store for exchange or a time they were still asking people not to be out and about.

    Our local Walmart had the propaganda of social distancing inside the store, but closed down one of the entrances.
    This genius move forces everyone to maneuver like a herd of cattle, crowding through one entrance.

    Several of the business in our area had limits on how many could be in a bathroom at one time…


    They’ve made that simple. Just raise and wave your vaxxine passport, then request a bathroom pass. And make sure your ‘bluetooth’ is operable on your cell phone, and that way they will know how many people are in the bathroom, and when your turn is scheduled. They’ve made it problem free.

  11. July 21, 2021:
    The chief health officer of New South Wales, Australia, told reporters Tuesday that in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, citizens should avoid talking to each other. “Whilst it’s human nature to engage in conversation with others — to be friendly — unfortunately this is not the time to do that,” Dr. Kerry Chant said. “So even if you run into your next-door neighbor in the shopping center … don’t start up a conversation,…”

    We can’t be having ‘the people’ talking directly to each other, can we? It is much better that they go home and use social media, so we can know what they are talking about and give them guidance, so that they are being truthful.

  12. Early on, I was shopping unmasked in my grocery store where they had signs up saying masks and six-foot socialist distancing were mandatory. The masked manager came up to me, stood at normal conversational distance (much less than six feet), and pulled down his mask to ask me to put a mask on.

    Anticlimax: I told him my doctor said not to wear a mask (I lied). The manager said, “Oh, OK,” and walked away…with his mask down.

  13. Person in Phoenix wearing a mask outside in late June at 3:30 PM when the temperature was 118°.

  14. If any screeching cunts told me to put a mask on while I was walking outside by myself, I’d tell them in no uncertain terms to go fuck themselves. If they approached me, I’d immediately challenge them for not truly believing their own bullshit.

  15. The Karen scolding the bank teller for not sanitizing the key pad between each and every customer, and then taking the money (contaminated with any number of germs and pathogens) with her bare hands and shoving it in her purse.

  16. The day my employer told us the first time soneone in the plant tested positive for coof, one of the long-term machine operators utterly freaked out. He threw things, yelled at people, cussed out a supervisor and then ran to the door, threw his entry/time clock badge at an Operations vice president and cussed HIM out and quit on the spot, thus saving them the trouble of firing him.

    I don’t know what dude expected, but evidently he thought it was management’s job to prevent everyone here from ever getting coof from anywhere, which was a fairly impossible tasks especially considering the government was promoting tests DESIGNED to produce false positives to maximize panic. I’m also not sure why he reacted so negatively considering the sick person wasn’t even on his line, but it WAS in the early days of the FakeFlu and the Deep State WAS in the process of turning the fear knob needlessly to 11 so they could more easily steal elections nationwide, so maybe the propaganda got to him and the sick person announcmemt pushed him over the edge.

  17. ^^^ “,,,considering the government was promoting tests DESIGNED to produce false positives to maximize panic.”

    I don’t understand why everyone is so concerned about the testing that is done for this. If there were any problems before, they’re straightening them out. gates and soros are buying the new, rapid test. This way, the preson who makes the vaxxines can tell you if you need the vaxxine or not. Well, I guess in all reality, if they get their way, they’ll be able to tell someone that they _have_ to take the vaxxine, or be sequestered. They’re simplifying things- it has to be better. This will help by eliminating the need to have to go back and manipulate numbers. They’ll now be abe to have the numbers they want right away.
    “George Soros And Bill Gates’ Backed Consortium To Buy U.K. Maker Of Covid Tests For $41 Million”
    What could possibly go wrong?
    No, there ain’t no frickin’ way they’re putting the mystery juice in my arm.

  18. The biggest insanity I have seen is that ANYONE put a mask on to begin with! How ignorant and naive do you have to be?

  19. “…every other urinal in the men’s room was taped off.
    Don’t guys usually separate themselves anyway?”

    Normal guys separate themselves in a Men’s Room. Leftists…no, not really.

  20. As I was shopping in a local grocery store a woman accosted me in the produce department.
    “You’re not wearing a mask”, she said.
    I leaned toward her and replied that I wasn’t wearing any underwear either.


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