Concerned Texas Parents Slam School For Divisive Materials And Forced Masked Photo-Ops


Concerned Texas parents slammed their school in a board meeting on Tuesday, over its divisive learning materials and how their child was forced to wear a mask that wasn’t theirs, for a photo-op!

The videos were posted to Facebook taking place at Rockwall Independent School District in Texas and one veteran father wanted to address the issues with teaching the ‘Lucy Calkins’ curriculum, which is being used to teach children in grades K-6.

The veteran father, William Marcus Chinn, read a quote from a book being taught in school and called out how he is not inferior to anyone. WATCH

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  1. I don’t have a problem with the Wilma Rudolph story – I am fine with teaching that things were different, decades ago. But I completely agree with this statement:
    “Let me tell you something. I don’t believe, I don’t subscribe to white supremacy, because if I subscribe to white supremacy, that means I have to subscribe to black inferiority.”

  2. Why am I leaving teaching to either retire or go back into the industry? You can guess and be reasonably accurate.
    That does not mean that I will stop fighting. I have chosen to take a different route to convince my students. The powers-that-be have shown me that I cannot directly buck the system. I will not continue to take the “woke” classes that tell me that I am evil (adult, white, male).
    I am not a racist. My relatives (going back to the Mayflower, and happy to say that) did not own slaves. I have relatives that did walk the Trail of Tears, even though they were not Amerinds. I do not judge anyone on their skin color or their ancestry.
    Does that make me a racist? Well, based on the left, yes. Based on science, no. Anyone I meet is a person. Prove me right or wrong with your history, skills and knowledge. I will not judge you on superficial traits. Just prove to me that you can do the job.

  3. @AnonTrooper – what part of the country do you live in? I may take a trip on the motorcycle to your are, and will happily eat BBQ 😛

  4. ^^ *area. I want to go back to being able to edit my posts. I do understand because I am a computer geek for the last 40+ years. sigh.

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