Condell: Suicide by virtue signalling


Europe Is Killing Itself

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  1. absolutely correct, on a suicide path, we are not immune to the same

    once above about 8-9% muslim population, good luck

    we’d best behoove the lessons of the worst of the eu, but we are too busy calling trump names rather than protect our children from rape, torture, beheading

    arm up, train to kill

  2. Pretty amazing that someone now knows what iOTWReport has known for a couple of years.

    Scary, ain’t it?

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Pat Condell is priceless. Fearless, articulate and always insightful. And funny.

    I believe he’s a gift from God.
    I imagine Mr. Condell would disagree, being an atheist.
    But no one since Churchill has fought so valiantly to defend embattled Britain and for Western Civilization, with only a microphone and the spoken word.

    Thank you and may God bless you, Mr. Condell.

  4. @Tim, Condell has been fighting the good fight against both the Left and Islam for a number of years on youTube.
    I discovered him via Ann Barnhart before she moved to the van by the river, and Pam Geller also promoted his videos early on. The He’s no Johnny come lately. Interesting bio, too.
    Quite a guy.

  5. Somebody with a major platform (Hannity, Watters, and soon Laura Ingraham?) should offer Condell a regular weekly 90-120 second spot for commentary. Condell deserves a YUGE audience.

  6. In the sixties, MP Enoch Powell tried to warn England of unchecked immigration. They called him a racist.
    Enoch Powell was right, just as Pat Condell is right.

  7. Complain that muslims are on welfare sucking up resources then….

    Holy shit a muslim is the damn POLICE OFFICER controlling us now!

    Neither one is to your advantage. Either they are taking from you or abusing you, either way, they are a poison. They don’t even like each other, why would we?

  8. “Honestly this is like pulling the fire alarm AFTER the building has burned down.”

    The other day you asserted that you cynical but weren’t a defeatist. 😉

    Just sayin’….


    Above all I’m a realist, and that’s Europe. And yes, to late to pull the fire alarm. Europe is lost.Has been for a long time.

  10. We are all caught in the matrix of the money powers that are doing this. Give up your lives of 9 to 5 slavery and we might have a chance.


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