Hillary is now blaming women for her electoral loss

In her mind, she was hearing this:

“I was going to vote for Hillary, but then my husband [or boyfriend] told me not to.” 

I wonder if Bill may have told his girlfriend not to vote for Hillary, too.

Dianny at Patriot Retort with the details…

31 Comments on Hillary is now blaming women for her electoral loss

  1. Now wait just a cotton pickin minute. Women, the recently liberated, free thinking women, (hear me roar)! didn’t vote for the uber liberated woman because their husbands and boyfriends nixed it.?

    I neither prompted nor asked how Mrs Henry’ voted. That she is of superior intellect assures me that she would never vote for the traitor of Ben ghazi.


    No self-awareness, at all!

    She’s a thief, liar, and murderess (had people killed, didn’t do the deed, herself) and still can’t see through the alcoholic haze …

    Wouldn’t be funny if they had pulled off the election, but, as it is, it’s kinda funny – if not a pathetic statement on America.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. You want evidence why she is unfit to be POTUS (or even a city dog poop picker upper), well here it is…the Hildabeast Blame Everybody Tour of 2017.

  4. Hillary is struggling along the Way of Sorrows, exposing the scars that were inflicted upon her by nonbelievers and deniers of her destiny to fulfill the bargain of William’s betrayal with Monica whilst awaiting the discovery of the Stains of Shame. Surely, people of good will can forgive Hillary for celebrating her martyrdom with a little hyperbolic vitriol and a lot of Chardonnay. We were lost in the Wilderness until she showed us that miracles really can happen. It’s What Happened.

  5. With accelerated speed, she is wiping away every voter she may have once (in her own mind) had.

    Blaming innocent babies who cried when their parents wanted to vote for HRC, should be coming soon.

    Pathetic, melting woman.

  6. clinton lost because voters, men and women, had a choice.
    Pretty simple, really.
    I do hope she stays ‘active’ in the democratic party, though. clinton, ellison and perez, speaking for the the democrats.

  7. Okay, it’s a done deal. This is the last one on Hillary that I’ll read.

    Great comments, but I’m done with anything concerning cankles unless it’s an obit.

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