Connecticut: Republicans Say Elizabeth Esty (D) Should Donate $1.2M In Campaign Cash

Hartford Courant: Elizabeth Esty socked away $1.2 million last year for her re-election campaign, the most raised among the five Democrats who represent Connecticut in the U.S. House.

But now that she’s bowed out of the race — crippled by her slow response to abusive behavior by her one-time chief of staff toward a former female congressional aide — Esty is facing another test.

What should she do with the money?  MORE

SNIP: Uh… Give it back to whoever gave it to you? How about that?


h/t Dan Ryan Galt

6 Comments on Connecticut: Republicans Say Elizabeth Esty (D) Should Donate $1.2M In Campaign Cash

  1. My first guess is that it’s not an Estsy, bitty, little tiny bikini….I’d be right…but I did get a red headed, scotch guarded…scrub pad….

  2. Congress, I believe, passed a law that the unspent campaign funds can be kept by the congress member after they retire, or fail to get elected, so basically legalized graft.

  3. give it to Michael Cohen’s defense fund
    give it to the NRA
    give it to Rod Blagojevich
    give it to Scooter Libby
    give it to all the women that Bill Clinton molested
    give it to Larry Sinclair
    give it to all the women the Kennedy’s molested … probably a $ each
    give it to that guy that Hillary Clinton blamed for making that video
    give it to that guy that Hillary Clinton fired from the WH Travel Office
    give it to the illegitimate children of Bill Clinton
    give it to re-inflation of Stormy Daniels flotation devices
    … add your choices

  4. Ole Liz is our gal alright! When she was running for her Congressional seat, the Repubs ran a campaign ad showing her at a Cheshire, CT town hall meeting when she was on the town council. Some elderly residents complained about the tax increases. She told them they were welcome to move to neighboring communities.

    She and my dog’s mother have a lot in common, except for the warm and fuzziness the dog has.


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